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When you buy a HD 2900 series, do you get Orange Box? Someone told me you did, so I was just checking to make sure if it was true or not. Also, if it does, would a HD 38xx series card give that same promotion?
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  1. That all depends no the vendor selling the card (MSI, Sapphire, etc.). Go to newegg and search for the 3870 or 2900 and see if there are any bundles.
  2. Alright, thanks. I have one more question though, what's VIVO?

    Edit: Nevermind, I found it in the forums. Not that useful, unless you want to digitize some VHS tapes as far as I can see.

    One question though, does it upconvert the video? Like if I hooked up my Gamecube to it, would it display a better picture than just hooking it straight into my HDTV?
  3. I'm actually not sure on that one. I'm assuming it may if you can get it to work... can't say for sure though.
  4. I still have my HL2 coupon I got with my 9800XT.... Wonder if I can still REDEEM it.... :kaola:
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