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Hello, i can't boot up normal, safe mode, or to the cd-rom on my dell dimension 4600 desktop....i'm using xp and got a virus, i've set the bios to boot to cd rom but still nothing.....when i try to boot in safe mode, it hangs up while loading.....i have bootable cd but won't load....no matter what i do, i can't get it to do anything...how do i load cd rom drivers if i have no floppy drive and it won't read the rom drive...need help
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  1. Obtain a disk from the office supply store or Amazon, buy Panda Internet Security 2010 or Norton 360
    Make sure your internet is connected
    Put the disk in the drive and start the computer
    The disk will connect, update, scan, neutralize the virus without starting windows, but it does not work with all viruses. A great deal of times it does work.
    If the system is successfully restored, delete your current security and install and run the more advanced security from now on. Only use one security solution, not multiple systems.

    C. In the last solution, you need a second computer with XP installed, and a high quality updated antivirus installed.
    Remove the infected drive and install it as a second drive in the functional XP computer
    Scan the bad drive with the functional anti virus in the second computer, quarantine or neutralize the virus.
    Copy and back up your personal files from the bad drive with the second computer, this is very important.

    D. If you were able to fix the drive, good.
    If you were unable to get the virus out, you will need to reformat the drive, reinstall the OS and drivers, load your back up personal files that you saved with the second XP computer. Now you may want to use that more advanced security system I mentioned above, from now on, might be a good idea.
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