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Alright just finished up my first build! Wait a sec- I plug in my freshly assembled Antec 900 and go to connect my recycled Dell LCD with a VGA cable when I find out the damn thing does not fit! My Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R VGA socket only has 9 pins while my Dell monitor and brand new VGA cable has 15 :fou:. So, tomorrow morning I plan on heading over to Tigerdirect and picking up a VGA-DVI (splitter/converter, dunno what they're called) or just a socket converter that will turn my 15 pins into 9... SO my question is: Would using a VGA-DVi splitter decrease my performance at all? or will it increase it, as DVI is supposed to do... right? :kaola:

Well... thanks for any help I'd appreciate it. Oh and when I turn my computer on, all of my fans start up, other than that is there anything I can do to test whether or not all of my hardwares working? Thanks!
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  1. Checking on this in the morning! Any input is greatly appreciated.
  2. Doesn't the VGA cable attach to the video card? Anyways, there should be a converter in your video card box.
  3. I think you'll find that the 9-pin connector is the RS232 port.
    AFAIK that MoBo doesn't have on-board graphics.
  4. That's a serial port, you'll need to go buy a separate video card. A cheap $50 8500GT should do fine.
  5. You need a video card.
  6. I have an 8800 GT plugged in, the only reason I'm not using DVI is because my Dell is older and does not even have one of those slots.

    The video card only has 2 DVI ports no VGA's so that doesn't solve anything.

    I've checked in all of my boxes there isn't anything.

    The converters at are pretty cheap I can only hope they have em in stock.
  7. Where did you buy the 8800GT from, and which brand.
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