Overclocking a cpu and game performance (Help Please)


Here's my setup

Intel C2D @ 3.0 ghz
Gigabyte P35 DS3l
Zotac 8800gt AMP edition
Windows Vista Home Premium x64
I used to have my cpu overclocked to 3.6ghz but i realized that it impacted performance in my games

Here are the games I play and how they perform with the overclock vs without

Company of heroes -better
Team Fortress- worse
battlefield 2- maxed out either way
battlefield 2142- maxed out either way
quake wars- better
unreal tournament 3-worse

now, i primarily play team fortress 2, but my other games such as crysis can't be played on maximum graphics settings without my cpu overclock. could the poor performance be related to fact that i'm using the stock cooler and it's reaching high temps (highest i've seen is 55)? Why would some games respond differently to the same overclock?

I know it's the OC and noting else from testing.

So here are my questions

Why do different games respond differently?
Do i have a heat problem?
What can I do to help my issue?

thanks a lot,
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  1. HELP???

    I've figured out that it's not a heat issue.

  2. Im sure TF2 and UT3 have both the same games engines and can run like dogs on oced rigs, Try re-installing both games.
  3. I did. Actually TF2 runs on Source and UT3 runs on Unreal Engine 3. I've reinstalled both games and nothing has changed. There must be some strange factor.
  4. Overclocking can only improve performance unless you haven't stress tested for the stability.
  5. My cpu is 100% stable, but in TF2 and UT3 performance steeply drops.
  6. prime95 stable?
  7. yes. I started it last night at midnight and i turned it off this morning at 11 when i woke up.
  8. Sorry to double post. Prior to purchasing my 8800gt and installing the Nvidia drivers I had a ATI RADEON HD 3850. I had an identical overclock then and the card worked well. My graphics card works fine, as do the drivers.
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