Dvd writer not reading dvd/cd's

Ok so i know this has been asked alot probably.

i just built this pc like 3-4 months ago had not problems with it cept for over heating!

now i got GTA IV yesterday installed it and everything ran fine till it started restarting as a fail safe i would assume due to heat =/

ok so past all that i went to my bios and set it to fail safe defaults everything else runs fine but now my dvd writer wont read anything ive tried over 50 different cd/dvds and nothing works

it was working fine lastnyt =(

anyone have an idea of what the problem could be?

thank u for any help u may provide!
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  1. Have you checked in device manager to see if the drivers are good , and that its listed ?

    If device manager shows a problem remove the device from the list and then reboot . Windows will find the dvd and install a new driver . If it doesnt ,well no worries dvd's drives are cheap
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