E8400 weird temps

Sorry, I think I posted this in the wrong section, so I guess I'll post it in here...

Ok, well I just got done building my computer XD. My specs are:

Two 9800 GTX's in SLi
E8400 Stock Clocked
4GB DDR2 800
800W PSU
Antec 900
500GB HD 7200 RPM
EVGA 750i SLi

The cooler I got is strange because even at a stock clock, I get 51C IDLE!!!!!!!!!

My cooler is this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6835101011

I even tried putting the stock cooler on, and it overheated on boot-up.
Is there something wrong with my cooler? Or is there something wrong with the CPU itself?
Whatever is wrong, could you guys tell meh, and give me a solution. Thanks! :D
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  1. Ummm, if you know that it is seated correctly, and that the thermal interface material is applied in a very thin layer over the CPU correctly...

    What programs did you look at the temps with. Did you try HWMonitor, and Core Temp?

    If all else fails, remove the cooler, clean the CPU and the heat sink of goo... then apply a thin but full layer over the heat sink area itself. Then try and apply the heat sink straight down onto the top of the processor, give two little firm wiggles, and mount it on, wait 1 minute, and remove it by lifting as straight as possible.

    Then simply look at the Integrated heat sink on the top of your processor. Either the heat sink will make excellent contact with the CPU, and the CPU would now have a nice tell all layer of thermal paste over it in an even manner.

    Or it won't. Either way, you'll at least know if the heat sink is making FULL and Proper contact with the IHS on the top of your processor.

  2. Everything is correct, it's got great contact, and I used speedfan, and the BIOS to view the temps. I even did the lil' flashlight trick, where you see if there's any holes. No holes. :sweat:
  3. Hmm. DL and try the other two programs. You should have them anyways, as each is an excellent tool. HWMonitor and Core temp. See if they agree with your Bios.

    Bios temp translation can be off, and has been off plenty of times before in lots of Bios. I assume you are using the newest Bios version as well?

  4. Well, I just now downloaded HWMonitor and Coretemp and they say the same thing. 52C idle on both cores. :cry:
  5. And you are on Stock? That does blow. here, try this, Run Core temp and list the VID of your chip here. Then run CPUz and list what it says the Core voltage is as well.

  6. Oh, I need to check the BIOS version...
  7. Ok, I'll get that.
  8. Yeah, the Bios can present all the apps with the bad readings if thats what it is. I havent seen any chip that is naturally that high!! So something else is amiss!

  9. Ok.... BIOS is up to date.
    Core Temp VID: 1.1875
    CPU-Z voltage: 1.312
    Oh and also for some reason my multipliers keep changing according to CPU-Z. They go from 9x to 6x constantly. That's just a side note.
  10. Holy shiznit!!! What the hell are your exact settings, CPU speed, RAM, etc right now??

  11. Got the cure, just waiting for your reply!
  12. Perfect. This will be easy and painless.

    Disable speed step, or EIST in the Bios! Thats swapping your Multi from 9 to 6 to save power, etc.

    Now... here is the key!!

    Go into your Bios, and set your CPU VCore voltage to 1.1875

    Save and re boot, and goggle at the new temps!!

    Get to it!!

  13. Alright, you might wanna stay online so I can get back to you on my temps. Thanks!
  14. At this moment, you are running the processor with enough power for 4.0 Ghz, lol!! Lets get this done, and see if the temps are more normal, then you can think about adding more voltage for OCing! hehehe!

    Back to where we started, only controlled, and with the faster speed to go with that high voltage!!!

  15. I Live here.
  16. YES!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!!!!!!!! MY IDLE TEMP IS 40C NOW!!!!! DUDE YOU ARE THE BEST. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Time for me to OC ^.-
  17. Lol but appearantly my ambient temp is 119C lol. That's nice and warm. (Jk it's like room temp.)
  18. Nice, my load temp is 50C :)
  19. Wha?? LOL, I was in the shower. Its still high? Whats the voltage say it is in CPUz now??

  20. My voltage in CPU-z is 1.188V, and also, you consider those temps high? I think they are pretty okay.
  21. I'd have to laugh if it was still 1.312, because that'd mean you have a bios glitch! LOL, at that VCore. I have seen it before. As a matter of fact, mine skipped a whole range. Went from 1.390 to 1.510. Totally skips 1.4xx. And all I do is add 1 Bios VCore notch.

    Here is how it works. Your VID is your "stock" voltage for stock speed. Its a imprinted item. on Auto and un overclocked, it should always be that.

    In CPUz, that shows the Current, as in right now voltage your processor is getting. It should always be under VID to be at stock 3.0 Ghz speed. VID is the Max voltage your chip can get a stock, and should never even reach that.

    So if your Core Voltage is reading 1.3xx in CPUz, and you have it at 1.1875 in the Bios, its obviously a error of some sort. Look again, and then if it is still high, try 1 notch over 1.1875 in the bios and save, and look again, until its like 1.17 in cpu z!!!!!

    Hope that helps!!

  22. Oh, load, lol!!


    But now you know how it works!


  23. I mean, err. Of course I was right. I am the best!!

    yeah, that's it. I didnt think you meant idle.. Nope!!


    Enjoy, man!

  24. k thanks!
  25. That wasn't so bad. I rather like your style. You were right on the ball, knew what I meant, and got right to it. Thanks how I like to get it done. Once I make you do the tests and junk, and all fast, not hours and days apart like a slow thread, I know how to get it fixed!

    So... where did you wanna OC to?

    We know your cooler cant handle 1.3 volts to it, so prolly 3.6ish @ 1.2250?

    I have to split for now, but I will be back, mess with junk, and if you encounter any problems, feel free to let me know, I will be back on later tonight!

    Good job.

  26. Well, I really would like to get to 3.5 Ghz. That's my first goal. If I can get higher than that, just tell meh your ideas! Right now I have it at 3.12 Ghz on stock voltage. XD Stable, and idle is 44C and load changes between 54C and 53C. I got 1000 more 3dmarks! (3DMark06)
  27. Also, what setting in the BIOS would I need to set in order to make the main fan's RPMs higher? Right now they are at 1800 RPMs. I know it can go to 2300.
  28. Your CPU fan? yeah, there is a part of your BIOS that controls fan duty cycles. Turn the CPU one to manual control, then 100%.

    Your cooler is what will hold you back now, my friend!

    I will help a bit later! Gotta get food and junk!

  29. Kay Kay ttyl
  30. I know your getting, "Food and Junk" lol, but along with the overclocking, I have a problem... I was going along great, got it up to 3.16 Ghz stable and cool, but when I went to 3.18, (FSB of 1414.00 or w/e) it made a loud beeping noise and said that I went to high on the FSB, please reset it. Now this is weird because I KNOW that the CPU can support 3.18 Ghz. And when I keep it like 3.18, it just boots in safe mode. I await your solution :)
  31. Whay you at man?
  32. Did you raise the VCore manually? You will reach a point to where you need more.

  33. I raised it one notch and it still said it.
  34. About how many volts do I need to raise it?
  35. Hmm, does it have any type of safty on the settings? Sometimes they come with that!!

    I am not here yet! Maybe in an hour!

  36. Ok
  37. Hey, I'm gonna head to bed, but I just gonna tell you, I got to 3.3 Ghz stable. My idle is 44c and my load is 56c and rarely 57c. Thanks for your help, and I'll talk to you tomoro. Have a good night or day whichever!
  38. Hehe, night, and sure, I am on here alot! Better than 50c idle at stock, lol!!

  39. The E8400 might have some temp sensors issues, i would download realtemp and click the test sensors to see if your sensors are stuck.
  40. It's fine now that he lowered it, but still, he has a 1.2250 VID chip. They appear to range from 1.1000 to 1.2500 for 45 NM chips. So his is naturally high. He'll be back tomorrow!
  41. Live4u129 said:
    Hey, I'm gonna head to bed, but I just gonna tell you, I got to 3.3 Ghz stable. My idle is 44c and my load is 56c and rarely 57c. Thanks for your help, and I'll talk to you tomoro. Have a good night or day whichever!

    How hot is it where you are ?
    I'm at 4.0 with 1.36v and my idle is 32c/ load 52c in a 21c air conditioned room.

    Oops, forgot Zalman 9500 cooler.
  42. My E8400 is at 3.6 GHZ with 1.18750 and it's completetly stable.Idle temps are at 33°C ,taht's a bit high because of high idle temperatures around 26°C in my room. Load temperatures never go over 43°C.I'm using a OCZ vendetta cooler.
  43. @ YetyHunter, Nice! I'd have to guess your VID is nice and low, prolly around 1.1500. Do you mind Running Core Temp and listing it here, please?

    Looks like you need to OC farther, if your loaded temps are that low!

    @ DellUser1, do you mind doing the same? Run Core Temp and list the VID here?

    Thanks you guys! GJ on the OC.

  44. Ok...... Uhhhhh urrrrrhhh, ehhhhh.... Real Temp says that my idle is 34c and my load is 42c. My sensors must be strange. Ok I tested them and there's movement of 7. :) Thanks Shadowthor! I'll continue my OC now...
  45. Don't use Real Temp unless you do the calibration steps in the guide. But once you do that correctly, real temp is supposed to be right on the money.

    Now back to work!

    I'll help ya later tonight more directly if you need it.

    It actually pays off to fiddle about in the Bios, you will get a feel for how your mother board behaves. It really helps.

  46. Hey, Lupiron, I disable speedstep and set my power in vista to maximum performance, but my multipliers keep changing. Any ideas?
  47. Look for an EIST function, or manually enter in the CPU multi, while setting speed step to disabled. Sometimes if the CPU multiplier is left on default or auto, it wont save the speed step disabled thingie.

  48. Ok, I'm taking a lil' break to play some Oblivion (which loads in literally no time at all. I mean literally, I can't find a loading screen.) So far I've got 3.5 Ghz, stable, 44c idle, 58c full load for about 30 minutes. 56c for short 3 min load. Voltage: 1.197
    Also, I just ordered the Zalman CNPS9700 LED with next day shipping, so I'll have that in a lil bit.
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