OC "Safe" Question P5N-E SLI and Q6600

Very new to OC. I am not looking to OC for maximum but instead for a safe setup that can be used 24/7.

P5N-E SLI; Q6600 (GO); XMS DDR-2 PC6400 2x1GB; Corsair 750W PSU; BFG 8800 GT OC 512MB; Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

I currently have CPU Clock running at 2542 MHz (FSB 1130) and memeory Speed DDR2-816Mhz for a ratio of 13:9. All voltages are set to auto in Bios.

The system appears to be steady. Have run Everest stress test for 1 hour; 3D Mark (at performance level); Prime95 for 2 hours and the system parameters during all of this were:

MB 39 41
CPU 38 50

Core 1 43 60
Core 2 42 57
Core 3 43 60
Core 4 39 57
GPU 56 80

CPU Core 1.22 1.31

I used the pre-applied grease on the Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro during the installation (I have a tube of the AC MX-2 available and as well Antec Formuula 5) .

My question: Does this appear to be a safe, moderate over-clock setup or are there factors that I should be aware of if I leave this in place full time?

I appreciate your comment and advice.


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  1. Can you run Core Temp and list the VID of your processor here?

    Also, you heat looks a bit on the high side already! 39c is the lowest idle? That isn't what I'd call good. Your OC is mild, and since its on Auto Voltages, it prolly already over volted your chip. For such a puny OC, you need to find your VID, list it here, and then set the VCore in the Bios to the VID.

    You should get that 150 extra Mhz for free.

    Now, are you positive that the heat sink is on correctly? Freezer 7 should get you 3.0 with out bad heat.. how odd.

    Looks like you will have a 1.3000, 1.3125, or 1.3250 VID on that chip. Which sucks! But hey, it'll get 3.6 Ghz at around 1.45 volts while loaded!!

  2. Thanks for the reply Lupiron. CPU-Z lists the core VID at 1.313V. Core Temp list 1.3125v.

    I will set the Vcore in bios to 1.3125.

    As to the Freezer 7. It appears to be mounted well (had to trim slight amount of fan housing at bottom due to contact w/NB) The pre-applied thermal grease was slightly wrinkled. I will reinstall and use the AC MX-2 thermal compound to see if that helps. I have 120mm fan at back of case exhaust as well an 80mm on top exhaust. There is an 80mm intake fan on side panel and I have a PCI slot cooler from Antec (supposedly blows fresh air on graphics card).
  3. If CPU z is listing it higher than 1.3125 like it is, that means that "auto" added voltage already. Set it to 1.3125 and test away! You should lose a bit of temps. Lets see how much.

    Good Luck! Report back when ya can!

  4. Maybe the fan isn't turn on to full.
  5. I reseated the Freezer 7 using the MX-2 thermal paste and set V-core to 1.3125. Idle temperature of CPU down to 36C. But I noticed that after some time when I check back on unit, the CPU clock would vary from 2542 to 1600 (flipping back and forth between them). I tried a similar OC and set ram to 667 unlinked where it seemed stable (other than later the flipping thing mentioned).

    Shadowthor; I do not have QFan enabled. Fan speeds run from 2700 up to around 2900. I do not know how to check if "turned on full".

    I have taken the system to standard FSB (1066) and left ram at 667 where it is running well with CPU at 35C idle and MB at 40C idle. I also turned the top case fan to blow in and it points at the intake area of the Freezer 7.

    I just added 2 80mm fans as intake on front of case, I am sure this should help with temp issues.

    OS is Vista Home Premium. Case: APEVIA X-Cruiser Metal Case w/ Side Window-Black
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