Help me build this monster!!

OK I have these items ;

4 GB 4 x 1 GB PC2-6400 800 MHz DDR2 DIMM Memory Kit - Gold Edition

DP35DP Media Series Desktop LGA775 ATX Intel Processor Motherboard

Core2 Q6600 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Processor

e-GeForce 8800 GTS Superclocked 320 MB PCI-E Graphics Card

MX 3200 Cordless Laser Desktop Bundle

600 Watt StealthXStream Power Supply Unit


500 GB Caviar SE ATA-100 Internal Hard Drive

K so I hookup the cpu, CLICK* , the ram SNAP* , the monster sized video card CLUNK* , the 500 gb harddrive THUD*, the dvd burner POOSH*, and connect the Powe supply to the proper ports, I fire her up and she detects everything fine the first time then she doesnt wann load with all 4 gigs in so I take 2 gbs out and she loads fine but now she freezes in BIOS and when I try to instal windows, it just freezes, what could be the prob, thanks mates, she dected the cpu, harddrive and dvd drive and video just fine its just when I try to instal windows or just play around in BIOS, she freezes after a while and I have to restart, HELP ME OOO GOD!!
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  1. um.. did you remember to use TIM (thermal interface material) when you installed the CPU?
  2. Try resetting your CMOS the way your motherboard manual tells you. Also, make sure that your RAM is running at the correct voltages in the BIOS. It could be set at 1.8v, but your RAM may required 2.1v or something.

    Other than that... unplug anything that isn't absolutely necessary for installing windows, and maybe even go down to one stick of RAM.
  3. No TIM, im running on the stock crap from my intell cpu and i'll try to reset the CMOS and change the ram votage but it often freezes so it makes this hard...
  4. Check your CPU temperature, make sure it is reasonable. If your system came with the fan already installed it should have TIM between the CPU and fan so that should not be a problem but your CPU temp will tell you that.
    Reset your cmos like rgeist said. If that does not get your system stable take your system down to the very minimum, one ram chip vid card and cpu. If your system works then start adding them back one piece at a time.
  5. What rgeist said, especially about RAM voltage.
  6. ok, the cpu thingy is not a issue because it has some paste on it and the freaking BIOS and system in general freezes everytime i look into it so i dont think i can change the ram voltage...
  7. Is the board in the case?
    Are there standoffs between the board and the case?
    Have you tried all the ram one at a time?
    Can you enter bios with the Disk drive and GPU unpluged?
    Did you set Disk drive as 1st bood device in bios?
  8. Have you reset the CMOS yet? Try with only a single stick of RAM and make sure it's not in a dual-channel slot. (Some motherboards are really picky about where RAM is place)
  9. not in a case, how do I reset CMOS? I can try with one stick of ram..., yes ive tried with all the ram, no didnt set disk drive as first cause it freezes by the time I get there..
  10. Did you remove the battery,
    Wait a few minutes
    Reinstall battery?
    Were you standing on an insulated mat, using gloves
    or ground strap
    while assembling?
  11. To reset the CMOS there is usually a red jumper on the board. It's like... a red rectangle and you'll see a set of 3 pins. It is covering two. Your motherboard should have a section about doing this, you'll just want to change the jumper to cover the two pins that represent a reset.
  12. could the problem be that my PSU main connector isnt a 2x2 but a big one then a smaller 24 pin one I think? is not like two even connectors like shown in the motherboard picture? could this be it?
  13. Try taking out all but 1 stick of RAM and access the BIOS. Set the RAM voltage to whatever it is supposed to be set at. If you don't know what it should be, post a link to the RAM that you have and we'll try to figure it out. I'm guessing that it's ~2.1V though.
  14. If you have a 2X12 (24 pin connector) disconnect the 2X2 (4 pin)
    connector from it. It slides off. Plug the 2X2 in up there by the CPU
  15. I assume the "Gold Edition" memory is OCZ. If so, that could be the issue. The Intel site does not have a compatibility list for that board, but the OCZ site only lists the PC4200 value series ram for it.

    As a general rule, I do not use Intel boards due to their pickiness on ram, but when I do, only trust Crucial, and Kingston ram.
  16. Are you installing Vista? I've heard that one of its many lovely features is that it won't install with a full bed of RAM.
  17. rsetter1 said:
    If you have a 2X12 (24 pin connector) disconnect the 2X2 (4 pin)
    connector from it. It slides off. Plug the 2X2 in up there by the CPU

    Huh? His motherboard has a 24 pin main power connection AND a 2x2 CPU power connection.

    His power supply has a 20+4 pin connector, and ALL 24 pins should be plugged into the main power connection. The power supply also has a 4+4 connector... split that in half for the connection by the CPU.

  18. No im installing XP, yes I have the ddr 800 Gold edition OCZ ram, do u think this could be the reason why it keeps locking up?
  19. oops..Sorry my error.
  20. ok ok, it seems this motherboard could be my problem, should I throw away the intel board and get a Asus or nforce board?
  21. There is nothing wrong with the MB its your RAM. That MB will only work if you install 1.8v RAM, check the specs on the RAM that you purchased and if its not 1.8v then there is your problem.

    good luck with the build

  22. BOOM THEN THIS IT IT!!! my ram is 2.1v and u say i need 1.8v ram? then off to teh store I go!!!

    are you sure I need 1.8v ram?????
  23. Yep, the 1.8v RAM is the issue with that MB. I built a PC over the holiday and ran into this exact same issue.
    I had originally purchased this RAM and got the same results as your when i installed it into my Intel DP35DP. I then looked through some more documentation online and found that the DP35DP only works with 1.8v RAM. I then tried this RAM and problem solved. PC booted right up and passed all benchmarks with flying colors.

    Best of luck with your PC build.

  24. I SALUTE YOU! I THANK GOD YOU WERE BORN! So whats ur pc specs with ur DP35DP?
    i got q6600 2.4GHz 8 MB L2 cache
    2 GB OF ram- just leme go to the store
    8800 GTS 320MB

    but u already know sniff*
  25. hey my xp cd isnt working, is there some how i can use my current OS with my new hardware with out reinstalling everything?
  26. the PC i built was a PC for my parents, they seem to only need a new one every 6 years or so.
    Specs are below:

    E6750 2.66ghz
    Intel DP35DP
    Kingston ValueRAM 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
    Seagate 320GB HD
    Asus 8600GT Silent
    LiteOn DVD-RW
    Antec Sonata Plus 550 Case
    ViewSonic VA2026W 20" LCD

    Their big thing is PC noise so i went with the no fan graphics card and replaced the case fans with a Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F 120mm exhaust fan and a Scythe Minebea 92mm intake fan. Sitting right next to the Case its hard to hear the fans running, very nice!

    Other than the mix up with the RAM and initially going with 2.1v OCZ RAM, the PC turned out to be amazing. Granted i was taking them from a P4 1.8ghz, 512 mhz RAM, 30GB HD and a 17" CRT to a C2D 2.66ghz FSB 1333 w/ 2GB of RAM, a 320GB HD and a 20" widescreen LCD, needless to say they liked it.

    Remember to run Prime95 and a few memory checker programs to verify that all the pieces you purchased are working together correctly, especially if you overclock.

    Best of luck with your new build.

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