How can i recover data from HDD that has a fried circuit board?

Ok, my friend was having this wierd problem. His pc would restart itself just after the booting sound goes "beep". So we planned to plug the hdd in my pc so that we could bakup his files. My pc was fine, but when I plugged in his hdd, my pc wouldnt start at all. I unplugged his hdd and my pc would power up normally. I tried plugging his hdd again and tried starting up my pc...but it wouldnt powerup. After sometime it worked....ok, just wen it started to boot i saw smoke coming out if my friend's hdd. I quickly cut the power. The smoke was permeating from the hdd's outer circuit board (that one that we all can see) of the tiny circuit seems to have fried up.

So now my question...Is there any way I can recover the data on his hdd? Please tell me there is a way!!! And also would something like this happend...i mean why would it fry up in the first place. I would be grateful if any1 can tell me if there is a way to fix the hdd. I guess the platters on the hdd are intact so the data is there just need to retrieve it somehow and its important...all his life's work is in that hdd :(
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  1. You can try getting the same model drive and moving the circuit board over. The last time I did that I really couldn't get much usable data off of the drive. You may or may not have better luck depending how hard the heads crashed on the platters. Worst case you can pay mega bucks to a recovery service. The quote I got for a drive was $2,500 minimum.
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