1950pro AGP or PCIe?

i have on my mobo AGPx8 & PCIe x4.

with which one i would get the best pref?
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  1. be the same
  2. Get the PCIe one, so you can use it in your next system
  3. PaCanc said:
    Get the PCIe one, so you can use it in your next system

    Exactly, don't buy out-dated hardware if you have the option to buy and use what works with todays standard.
  4. but the next rig will be in 6 months or so, probably with 8800 GT SLI
    or 3870 CF.

    but is the Pref is the same i'll go with the PCIE so i can OC it better....
    Don't you think?
    OC the PCIE link. the AGP link cannot be OC.

    currect me if i'm wrong.
  5. Hi

    I would contradict what the others are saying and get an AGP X1950 Pro (the 512Mb version)... If you are upgrading to new cards soon then you are basically looking for the best resale value. The X1950 Pro (512Mb) is getting bit swamped (in the marketplace) by other newer PCIe models... It is still however one of the best performing AGP cards.

    NB you won't be getting the 3870 CF in 6 months me thinks... (New series by then I would reckon)

    BTW there is not much difference between running a X1950 Pro card on PCIe 4x or AGP 8x... Follow this thread:
    you will see that it is only higher end cards (>X1950XT) with more memory bandwidth that suffer on PCIe.

    I do run an Gainward AGP 7800GS+ (basically a 7900 512Mb core) and this with quite a nice card!! Nvidia driver support for this model was not existent when I first got it (not sure about now)...

    Just a thought anyway...

  6. thanks man, the thread is very helpful.
    still have some thoughts...

    y 1950pro 512 PCIe- coz i can upgrade in 2 levels sooner then expected= buying the rig without VGA's using the 1950pro PCIe & getting back the 7600gs AGP to the current pc.

    y 1950pro AGP- better pref from the PCIe ver. on the PCIe x4.

    what is your opinion?

    i have a conserne about the AGP ver. drivers for vista.
    currently my friend have a 7600gs PCIe of Gigabyte. it runs good with vista.
    i have msi's 7600gs AGP & it runs great but in some stuff it has graphic problems
    like in the welcome screen the picture is broken.
    when moving from game resolution back to desktop resolution it does the same picture braking.
    at the ALT+CTRL+DEL screen to get to the task mngr, it has the problem too.

    currently i use both XP & Vista but i like to work on vista, playing games is on XP for sure.
  7. The AGP probably would have a better resale but will also probably cost more from the start. If you are not going to move the card to another rig, then just go for the cheaper one which should be PCI-e.
  8. pauldh- the difference is 2$.... you have a nice rig- do you play at 1920x1200? how well do you play Crysis/fear/oblivion?
  9. pauldh- the difference is 2$.... you have a nice rig- do you play at 1920x1200? how well do you play Crysis/fear/oblivion?
  10. $2 is a tough call. Then I would think the AGP version would sell for more used. It would have to be based on the plans for the card after you next upgrade. Sell, move to another system, give away to a friend, etc. The similar price makes me think you found in incredible deal on the AGP version or are paying too much for the PCI-e version.

    Thx. I typcially play on a 22" LCD, so 1680x1050, and Crysis is the only game I have played that I can't basically max out on this setup. The demanding spots in Crysis are barely playable in Win XP with all high details and 2xaa/16xaf. I have a feeling that I will need to disable fsaa altogether to finish the final levels of the game. I need to get Oblivion installed on this rig but expect to have no problems at all based on 100+ hours of it on my past rig at this resolution.
  11. 1680 with aax2 is very nice!
    you have 2 GTs or just one? i'm asking because a 550W PCU with Qcore sound too low....
    do you OC? cpu/gpu?

    i'm thinking to go with a rig like yours when the new intel Qcore will come to stores, this way the q6600 will be a lot less. & the striker after the 780i will come.
    i thought about: striker Extreem, Q6600@ 333x9, 2G 1066 & 88GT 512, SLI after i'll try it, coz maybe i'd like the pref & in a year i'll buy a new card. i won't buy 2 of them just for crysis, especially after i finished him in less than 70 hours.

    i wish intel will bring an SLI chipset.. it would be a much better choice...
    i saw that not all games support CF so SLI is a better choice.
    i have the Dell 27" so the goes is 1680 with aa or 1920 with no aa.
  12. Yes two 8800GT in SLI. This 550W is an SLI PSU(but not in NV's 8800GT SLI certified list like the TP trio 650W) with 42 amps combined on the 3 -12v rails. I would have ordered something like the Corsair 620W but had this antec sitting around new in the box at the time so I just went with that. No issues at all (so far). NV recommends only a 400W with 26 amp 12volt for a single 8800GT so i would think a 550W with 42 amp is plenty for dual.

    I run the CPU at 3.0GHz(mild OC for these things) vs stock 2.4 GHz but not the 8800GT (yet) due to the small IMO lousy & loud single slot coolers. I also have not even tried to see how far the CPU/mobo/Ram combo can go as for now I am just using the stock Intel retail fan.
  13. Is that PCIe 4x slot even a full size slot that will fit a graphics card, or is it just a regular PCIe 4x slot?
  14. i'm using e2160 1.8, with stock fan @ 2.52, i even got 2.85 with stock fan.
    at load it doesn't get over 50!
    no with the 2.52 even hours of Crysis didn't bring it over 45C.... don't know y, don't care if it's that good.
    nice to know the recommandations for the GT, i thought about 850W, but if you say so, a 620W is fine & almost half the price of 850W...

    how many HD's u have?
    i'm currently using 4HDs 1 SATA, 3 IDE & 2 DVD RWs.
    do you think a 620W will hold your rig with that amount of HDs & DVDs?
  15. Those are low temps for sure.

    I'm running 2HDD, 2 Optical drives in mine.

    The Corsair 620w with 50 amp combined 12v should be plenty IMO for 4 HDD and two burners and yeah can save you some cash.

    As far as recommendations, I should say I am very dissapointed in the reference 8800GT cooler. Too Loud and hot and dumps the hot gpu air into the case. I'd way rather have dual 8800GTS 512MB and would gladly pay $100 + my cards to swap.
  16. but the GTS 512 is 100$ more for each card... for that money i'd buy the TT LCS solution for SLI. it's round 100$ & will give you more OC.
    the diffrence in pref between the cards GT/GTS in the VGA chart is not that worth the 100$ for a card....
  17. I agree with you and wouldn't spend $100 more per card. My BFG 8800GT OC's were $238 each, so I'm thrilled with them for the price. But if I go by neweggs current price for my cards of $290 LINK compared to $329 for the GTS LINK and a $30 rebate making one of them $299, then it's a no brainer to grab the GTS 512MB. IMO The GTS 512MB is easily worth $50 more each. To clarify what I meant .... I'm not saying you can't find an 8800GT for even lower than a GTS -$50, just that's what it would have been worth to me. $100 more would have been well worth it and if buying now I would order two GTS 512MB's not the GT. I have liked dual slot rear venting coolers for a long time and to me single slot is a huge negative, not a plus. SHoot, I will probably add $70 in cooling to these cards before the warm summer months come, and maybe alot sooner ( as I have the VF-900 CU's already.)
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