Computer locking up/overheating

For the second time while playing WoW my computer begins to lock up and a slight electrical smell comes from my box and strange noises like the fans are dieing.

I think some component is overheating. Either the gpu, cpu or the power supply is dieing. All three of those components are over 2 years old and the psu is the default psu that came with the case.

It seems that the 120mm and 80mm case fans are barely spinning or pushing any air. And there is always an insconsistent humm from the fans as though they are not spinning consistently.

The gpu doesn't seem to get hot and its fan is always running and the cpu fan and cpu temp seem stable. So I can only surmise that its the PSU.

Eventually, I would like to replace the gpu and the psu but would like to make sure before I do.

Right now my cpu temps are steady at 29c while playing WoW it goes from 40-45c

Those temps dont seem bad to me. I put my hand near the fan of the psu and it doesnt seem to push alot of air and its very warm

Any ideas?
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  1. Those CPU temps are fine, especially if you're on stock cooling.

    I'd bet money that it could be your PSU. The ones that are included with cases are often cheap no-name brands. They often use cheap fans that rattle or whine, and the cheap electronics inside also contribute to a pretty short life-span or inconsistent voltage.

    Try downloading SpeedFan and seeing what your GPU is running at just in case. Also, please list your specs, we can help a lot more if we have an idea what you're working with.
  2. Maybe you can swap the PSU with one from a friend or another PC and see if that is what's causing your problems. It seems likely.
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