Poor performance increase with 8800GT

I ugraded from a 6800GS yesterday to a 512MB 8800GT (Leadtek, stock speeds) and have been really disappointed with the performance increase, particularly in 3Dmark06.

Gigabyte P35-DS4
2GB Corsair TwinX 6400
Vista home premium 32bit

With the 6800GS I was getting 2700 marks in 3Dmark06. With the 8800GT I am only getting 4700. I downloaded the last release versions of the drivers and updated my chipset drivers, turned off aero etc and the best I've managed is 5000.

Compared to the numbers I was expecting with this card, this seems really low.

In game performance is increased, but patchily. I could run Bioshock on medium detail at 1680*1050 (no AA/AF) at a respectable pace with 6800GS. Now I can turn up to high details and it runs pretty smoothly except the odd slow down now and then.

Viva Pinata (I know... it's fun though) could run pretty smoothly at medium detail on textures and low on effects (e.g. water, fur) at 1680*1050. With the GT if I turn everything up to high (again no AA/AF) it is a little jerky.

Any ideas as to what might be going on? Are the 3dmark numbers way too low, as I suspect? Anything else I can check/do?
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  1. viva pinata = guilty pleasure :)

    That score is wrong as wrong can be. Check motherboard bios, driver installation, get rivatuner going and look at your gpu and mem speeds, try reseating the card and reconnecting its power cable, try another cable if you have unused ones on your psu (you should, pci ones that is). If you didnt uninstall the exisitng nvidia drivers, even though they might be the latest ones and cover both cards (thats right isnt it? forceware covers both 6 and 8 series?) then your card might not be using them/using them properly. Trying to skip steps (maybe u did maybe u didnt its just a thought) of a proper installation can cause upsets. A 3Dmark06 score of 4700 with a 8800gt and that cpu indicates that perhaps windows generic vga drivers were powering the card. Then again windows generic drivers make scrolling through folders slightly jerky. Anybody else with an idea?
  2. One thing you can do is download GPU-Z and make sure your card is running at 16x and not 1x.
    Another would be to post the link for your 3Dmark score so it can be analyzed.
  3. Make sure you have installed the newest nvidia drivers. Older drivers might not work properly with the nvidia G92 core. I have a ancient AMD X2 +3800 @ 2.2Ghz with a asus 8800gt and in 3d mark I get 8050 which is still a low score for a 8800gt. You should be able to reach about 11000 in 3d mark06 with your rig...
  4. I'm not quite sure what your problem is, but there is definitly an issue. Conveniently I just upgraded from a 6800gs to an Evga 8800gt super clocked two days ago. I went from 1680 resolution on all low settings in TF2 and getting around 30 fps to 1920 all maxed at 60+ fps. I also can run crysis at 1920 on medium. I havent run 3dmark, so sorry if I cant compare that, but something is definitely wrong. Check drivers and call customer service if you have to.
  5. I have this very same graphics card 8800GT from Leadtech. I have noticed some issues with 3Dmark. There are some instances when I get significally lower 3DMarks results but after a reboot and rerunning 3DMarks again scores are fixed.

    Also I have noticed that backrgound processes do affect 3DMarks scores.

    Here is my 3dmark data for troubleshooting.


    Also I someone has any good ideas how to improve my ratings I would appriciate it.
  6. He probably forgot to plug in the the 6pin PCIe power plug.
  7. the 8800gt won't boot if you don't plug it in. (At least mine didn't when I forgot it, lol. I swore I plugged the thing in)
  8. Yep, it is definitely plugged in! It's a self-built rig, but hopefully not that bad!

    I'll try some of the suggestions when I get home. I'll also post my 3dmark score and try some of the other suggestions. Thanks for the views so far.
  9. did you remove the old drivers first? CPU-Z or GPU-Z will tell you how many PCI-E lanes are being used. Use Riva tuner to check temps, it is possible but unlikely its throttling.
  10. dyorks79 said:
    Yep, it is definitely plugged in! It's a self-built rig, but hopefully not that bad!

    We all forget every now and then, it happens to the best of us.

    It should atleast boot though... I know my 7800gt boots without it plugged in atleast... but then the driver/windows yelled at me that it wasnt getting enough power.

    Thats the only thing I can think of off hand... your card is getting about half the score it should in 3dmark :(
  11. and whats with people talking about "old drivers"? Hes running vista... he cant possibly have "old drivers"... plus he mentioned in the OP that he updated his drivers.
  12. I have the SAME problem on my 8800GT! Poor formance in Vista 64 and XP. Format the hard-drive and reinstall everything each time.
    I instlalled an older X1950XT and that ran FASTER.
    Of Course I installed the newest downloaded drivers, chipset drivers, checked the power plug, etc etc!
    Vista performance index still shows 5.9! RivaTuner shows chip and memory speed is correct.
    DAMN! BTW, is the Vista Index a real benchmark or just assumes performance on model-numbers & Mhz?

    Strangely, Crysis actully didn't do so badly. So I guess there is some issue with 3DMark06 and COD4.
    There is always hope...
  13. skittle said:
    and whats with people talking about "old drivers"? Hes running vista... he cant possibly have "old drivers"... plus he mentioned in the OP that he updated his drivers.

    By definition 'updating the drivers' indicates that there was one set of drivers, replaced with another.

    Not sure about Vista, but under XP good practice is to remove the old ones first.
  14. problems in MOH airborn. I have a problem.i change my video card 7600 GT to 8800 GT GS GLH..and i instaled the moh airborn.i have so many lags in a game,i dont know why..my configuration is:intel pentium D 2.8 dual core,8800 GT,3 GB GEIL..whats the problem?
  15. You know, this might not be a GPU problem at all. Your first 3Dmark score with the 6800GS was absurdly low, even getting beaten by systems running a Pentium 4 with a 6800GS. You added a significantly stronger graphics card and your scores did increase noticeably, but you're still extremely low. I'll bet something is wrong with your CPU and it's not giving the card enough data to work with. Try doing super_pi or posting a link to your 3Dmark results.

    I have an E6750 and 8800 GT as well, and you should really be playing around the 10K range - more or less depending on overclocking.
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