OS on SSD & the rest on 1T HDD

Hey running Win7 home premium on a 120 GB SSD.
My intent was to use the SSD as the OS drive and put all the other stuff onto a 1T HDD
I wanted to move my user files, temp files, and librarys ( my document, music, pictures etc....)
i managed to manualy moved the library file folders onto the HDD into a new folders that i made and when asked to install something i redirect to the HDD. Not sure if this was the right approach i feel like im setting myself up for some kind of file mix up

Is there a way to simply move all my user files together and have them redirect to my HDD?
or some kind of step by step guide to setting up this particular hard drive config.
so in short i want the main os to run from the ssd and most programs and saves ect to be on my hdd
thanks guys the help is appriciated
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    Don't forget to put your swapfile on the hdd, it can shorten the life of an ssd.
  2. das_stig said:

    Don't forget to put your swapfile on the hdd, it can shorten the life of an ssd.

    very cool thank you, this is what i was looking for
    ill try iut tonight when i get home
    i didnt read anything about a swap file in the guide
    how would i do that?
  3. Control Panel --> System and Security --> System --> Advanced System Settings

    Performance Settings Button --> Advanced --> Virtual Memory Change Button

    Drive C - No pagefile --> Set
    Drive D - Custom Size --> Min and Max same value --> Set

    May need a restart.

    I still work on the principal of 1.5x physical ram for pagefile size unless you have 6GB+ then set 1GB.
  4. Remember your "Temporary internet files" and "Temp" folders too ;)

    EDIT: I have now learned too read and notice your mention of the Temp-folder nvm :sarcastic:
  5. +1 for above posters. Also, if you have an x64 OS and over 4GB RAM, then consider disabling pagefile or at least limit it to 1GB or so MAX.
    One more thing: Disable defragg, SupperFetch,etc also.

    See this:
    for more optimizations.
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