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Killer Laptop for sale

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March 22, 2003 5:17:57 AM

Sager NP5620-V
1. P4 2.6GHz with 512k on-die cache(Northwood)533MHz FSB
2. 512MB of 2100 DDR memory 1 DIMM upgradable to 1GB
3. 15" UXGA Active Matrix Display
5. Removable 3.5" FDD exchangeable with opt. Cd-ROM, CD-RW, COMBO or 2nd Battery
6. 40GB 5400RPM(fastest laptop HD) Ultra DMA Hard Disk
7. 8X DVD read / 16X CDR Write / 10X CDRW Write / 24X CD read Combo Drive
8. Smart Li-ION Battery
9. Wavetable 3D Stereo Audio/AC'97 2.1
10. Touchpad with Scrolling Keys
11. 56k V.90 Internal Fax/Modem
12. 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN
13. Microsoft Windows XP Professional
14. Parts and Labor Warranty untill 9/24/03 and upgradable to a 2 or 3 year warranty through Sager.
15. Infra Red, Wireless Fast IR interface
16. 4 USB 2.0 Ports
17. 1 IEEE-1394 Port (4 PIN)
18. 2GB Toshiba PC CARD Hard Disk Included.
19. AC Adapter and APC Laptop Surge protector Included.
20. Front Panel Audio DJ
21. Other Ports: 1 S/PDIF out, 1 headphone, 1 infrared, 1 microphone, 1 parallel, 1 PS/2 keyboard, 1 SVGA video, 1 TV-out, 1 RJ-45(LAN), 1 RJ-11(Modem)
22. Laptop Case Included.

$2100 Shipped Or Best Offer

It really rules guys I use it for anything and everything there is, and I wish I could keep it but I moving soon and need the cash. If you have and questions or offers e-mail me at
or call me at 858-220-9378 whatever suits you.

Thank you,
Brandon Wilson

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April 13, 2003 9:13:56 PM

hmm you said best offer and since no one has made an offer... I'll start the bidding at 5 dollars! LOL nice system tho why would you ever want to sell it? Just keep it seriously, just sell your self out to a few fat chicks at 1000 bucks an hour and keep the system

Treat your body like a $600 car. God didn't intend it to last so use it. Run it into the ground!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by PapaSmurf on 04/13/03 05:15 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
April 14, 2003 12:39:07 AM

I can get you $200 for it.
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April 14, 2003 12:41:06 AM

oh come on that's a nice system try multiplying that number by ten. Don't rip him off just because he needs money fast.

Treat your body like a $600 car. God didn't intend it to last so use it. Run it into the ground!
April 14, 2003 12:59:04 AM

Thats the most I can give him for that laptop. I would love to give him more but....
April 14, 2003 1:13:44 AM

:D  just semi serious lol disregard what the crazy smurf says

Treat your body like a $600 car. God didn't intend it to last so use it. Run it into the ground!