$800 build, would like some feedback

Here are my parts:

Antec 900 case
Intel Core Duo E6750 2.66 gHz
Abit IP35-E motherboard
WD 250 gb HDD (16MB cache)
2x 1gb G.SKILL DDR2 800 mem
Aerocool Zerodba 500W modular PSU
ATI Radeon HD2900PRO 512 MB

Please leave me some feedback guys


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  1. actually its about $700 with the rebates
  2. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=108088

    Seems Aerocool are Tier-4 and not recommended. i would stick to tier-3 and above. Corsair 450 and 550 are great cheaper options.

    I would go with a Gigabyte or ASUS P35 board but that is personal opinion the Abits are supposed to be solid

    Have you considered either 8800GT or HD3850 or HD3870 as GPU they are newer and 2 of those 3 will beat the HD2900
  3. ^Agreed. Go with a P35-DS3x (ie DS3L, DS3R, etc). The Gigabyte boards are solid and have lots of OCing options. Get the 8800GT or 3870 if possible. If OCing get a good CPU cooler like this one:
  4. You really need to wait for the release of the e8400 on the 20th, that's what I'm doing. 3.0GHz dual-core processor, 6MB of cache, and for only $180 (plus you can OC it and get it up to 4.0GHZ easily).
  5. Man you guys are picky.

    My guess is that the Aerocool was in Tier-4 because its a low-wattage SLI-ready/Crossfire-ready PSU. If I was going to Crossfire or SLI, I would probably get at least 600W, but I'm not and don't plan to. Otherwise, I've heard good things about Aerocool - great Newegg reviews and I actually started looking at these because Tom's Hardware did a mid-range build with one. For modular and solid reviews, this is pretty decent. thanks for the input though. I don't feel like RMAing this stuff anyway

    i looked at the Gigabyte boards too...it basically came down to flipping a coin. Abit was cheap and get great reviews. Also good overclockers, even though I probably won't mess with that for awhile.

    I've really struggled with the vid cards. I've been an ATI devotee for a long time so I decided to stay there...they are also consistently cheaper than nvidia cards. I may upgrade to the HD3850 - only $40 more. But the 2900PRO i got is also 512 MB 256 -bit. Not sure how much of a difference it'll make.
  6. No dont get a 8400! Stick with your second choice of 3850 512mb version. You wont be dissapointed.
  7. I'm not talking about the Nvidia 8400, I'm talking about the new Intel processor.
  8. i don't want to wait anymore...i can always buy a new processor later. I've already got this one in hand. Compared to my P4, this thing should be quite speedy
  9. clayforhim648 said:
    Compared to my P4, this thing should be quite speedy

    That's an understatement. :D
  10. so overall, is it a decent comp for regular use, and mid-high gaming?
  11. clayforhim648 said:
    so overall, is it a decent comp for regular use, and mid-high gaming?

    Yes i would give it a thumbs up
  12. Ditto ^^^^. Not so sure on the Aerocool, but would go with the Corsair vx450w/Antec NeoHE 550w/Corsair hx520w. All around $60-100 range.
  13. I agree with the sugesstions about going with Gigabyte or ASUS, and as for the PSU you may want something
    like Corsair. Other than that this is a good build.
  14. i really like the modular support on the Aerocool though.

    If you can find me a good modular PSU from 500W-700W, let me know
  15. corsair 520hx, last i checked it was $100 on buy.com. And just FYI newegg seems to have higher prices for a lot of psu's. I'm not too sure about buy.com's customer service but you would be saving $30. The 520hx has modular cables and a 5 year warranty i believe, check em out great psu.
  16. imo the 2900 pro is the best deal atm, $20 cheaper than a hd3850 256mb, faster, double the memory, and can be oc'd to xt levels. as long as you have a psu which can handle the ocs it should be fine. definately get the corsair, i wouldnt trust a teir 4 psu with this card.

    edit: newegg has the 512mb/512-bit card in stock, get that over the 256-bit as it should be faster and can be flashed to an xt unlike the 256-bit.
  17. Your AeroCool PSU may be fine for a mid-level system. However it has no PFC - power factor correction, does not have the power for SLI or Crossfire on better GFX cards, and only mediocre efficiency - meaning you might use about 10% more power over the life of the unit - which can more than offset the lower price. Also note that it only has 4 SATA connectors. A couple of optical and hard drives will max it out - but it might be enought for you. The Corsair 520HX mentioned above has 4 SATA connectors while the 620HX has 8.

    The PSU was reviewed by JohnnyGuru.com - a very reputable site. Here is the review and their summary.



    The Aerocool Zero dba 500W is a nice little power supply for a single PCI-e or lower end SLI or Crossfire machine (like dual 7600's or dual X1300/X1600 cards. The fan is quiet and the controller knob works well, and if this is for a computer with a big window that shows off the insides of your PC, then the super shiny chrome finish and black sleeved white cables will look fantastic.


    Looks totally rad, dude!
    Stable voltages
    Fan controller keeps fan from spinning while PC is idle
    135MM fan is quieter than typically used 120MM fans
    Fan only connectors


    Simply not enough power or PCI-e connectors for high end SLI or Crossfire


    No PFC
    Mediocre efficiency
    Cables are very stiff

    I recommend going with a more efficient unit - you might consider this list (note that it includes the Corsair that others recommended above):

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