Mail in Rebate help?

hello i need some help with this mail-in-rebate.

im looking to buy this and im curios if im eligable for the mail in rebate.

it says 1/2/08 - 1/14/08

does this mean i have to order it between those days? or the mail with the rebate has to be at thier office by that date.
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  1. it means u have to order it between those days
  2. Rebates usually also require postmark by a specific date - most usually are about 30 days after the end of ther offering period.

    The rebates usually also say they are not responsible for lost mail. I had one (out of about 30) try to pull this dodge on my and I responded by email most vehemently stating that none of my other mail has every been lost and so I am reasonably sure they received it. They had me resend the documents but honored the rebate. Always keep a copy of the form and all documents you send with it.
  3. Don't bet on the rebate. It doesn't always work. Sometimes you forget about it. Other times they make up excuses so they won't honor the rebate. Most of the times it works for me.
  4. One thing that I find helpful is that if I am doing a mail in rebate and it is for a significant amount like $40.00 or more; I will send it via certified mail. This means that now I have a way to track the rebate and that someone has to sign for it. I can go online to see when it was delivered and signed for and it only costs about 2 dollars more. For me, the cost is worth the piece of mind.

    I recently did this with the Thermaltake Armor case I bought. The rebate was for $80.00.
  5. Read the FINE print!!!

    Just a couple of things I noticed. Some rebates give you 14 days from the date you ordered to get your MIR post marked. So if you order a computer with 3-5 day shipping, then 2-3 days to put the computer together. You run out of time VERY fast.

    Also I had a friend order 2 sets of ram from newegg but the company would only allow 1 rebate per person per address. He lost the other $40 MIR.
  6. Most online stores let you click on a copy of the rebate form - be sure to do so and read it. It will state if only one rebate per person is allowed - a common condition.

    I have mailed in about 40 rebates and received every one. About half the time they came without any further action on my part. A quarter required one follow inquiry when I did not receive it. Another quarter required several contacts and twice resending the documentation. In a couple of cases I spent a lot more time on follow-up than the rebate was worth, but I was not going to let them scam me. In one case I sent repeated emails to customer service at the vendor telling them what a poor job of rebate processing was being done by their contract processor and telling them how it was ruining their reputation.

    It seems like the rebate processors are getting better - perhaps the vendors caught too much flack for what appeared to be intentionally not sending the checks without good cause. The timing has also gotten better. In the past, it often took doulble the stated time - and they had all kinds of excuses for the delays. Lately they seem to come more promptly - usually within or near to the stated time.
  7. NezaH said:

    Why are you bumping your own thread? It appears your questions were answered. What additional information do you seek?
  8. If you can file the rebate online and mail the documents later do so. You will get the rebate faster. Always make photocopies of what you send in the mail.
    The companies know they will lose business if you do not get your rebate.
  9. evongugg said:
    If you can file the rebate online and mail the documents later do so. You will get the rebate faster. Always make photocopies of what you send in the mail.
    The companies know they will lose business if you do not get your rebate.

    Correct - This is why I generally trust rebates from reputable companies.
    A reputable company is not gong to risk their reputation by trying failing to properly honor rebates.

    If you see a rebate from a flybynight company that does not have a reputation to protect, be wary.
  10. my antec p182 just came and it has no papers or anything , it came in its original box and it has all of its ijnformation on the box ( stickers ) , what should i do?
  11. yea i know Zen , but it wants the original UPS barcode.

    i dont even know what that is. if its wat i think it is its a sticker that sticked on the Antec Box am i suppose to cut it out or something?
  12. Yes take the upc code off the box or what ever type of sticker that is on the box. If you peel the card board you can usually get a nice thin piece and that way it fits in the envelope nicely.
  13. alrigt about my ram , it came with the Newegg Packing List , is that usefull or no?
  14. Its a love/hate relationship with MIR. ;) . Some times you get it in about a month or other times in about 3 months or sometimes never.
  15. is there a way to remove the sticker without messing it up?
  16. Alot of times you need to cut out the sticker, especially if it's on a cardboard box. The plastic cases allow you to pull the stickers off, but this isn't always the case. Just make sure you copy EVERYTHING before you send it off in the mail.
  17. what do you mean luynone , im still lil confused on this
  18. wow this is really disapointing ;x , when i baught 2gigs of Crucial Ballistix on 12/29th it said Mail in Rebate , now i just realized on top of the rebate ive just printed says 1/05 - 1/14 , does this mean im not valid for the rebate?
  19. Newegg advertises the rebate...but it is up to the consumer to comply with the dates and specific requirements. You...did not do that.
  20. so i guess i shouldnt even bother
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