P35C-DS3R random reboot with Win XP

I built a new system earlier this month using Vista Home Premium 64-bit. It was running pretty good until the other day. I was running an application that transforms VOB files for playback on my Sansa View MP3 player. When I came back to my PC, the system rebooted and Vista kept telling me that jraid.sys was not digitally signature verified.

After trying for hours doing everything I can (including the Windows RE) I gave up, booted from Western Digital DLG floppy and repartitioned the hard drive. For the lack of time I had, I only gave it one partition...a 75GB chunk out of 500GB). I then ran the Windows XP setup (not bothering with Vista anymore) which formatted the C partition and installed XP.

After installing system drivers, mobo drivers, XP updates, and video card driver, and verifying that XP was running fine, I went to Disk Management to partition the remaining 425GB as one extended partition with three logical drives (60GB, 60GB, 305GB).

When I started to format the 1st 60GB partition (NTFS, default block size) it got to about 67% done then rebooted. It took me several reboots (an eventually a complete cycle of the power supply) to get another good boot into XP. I went back into disk management and tried the format process again. This time it succeeded.

Then I began formatting the 2nd 60GB partition and the same thing happened. It was about 80% done when it rebooted. After a few re-attempts, I finally got that partition formatted.

Now I'm working on the 305GB partition and I can't get it formatted because it reboots everytime at random intervals of the format process.

Is this a motherboard problem? I've never heard of XP doing something like this on its own.

Gigabyte P35C-DS3R
Crucial Ballistix 2GB
Dual Lite-On DVD 20x burners (SATA)
Internal Memory Card Reader (connected to USB port on mobo)
SB Audigy 2 ZS

Bios was updated 2 weeks ago. Forgot the version number.

The only BIOS setting that is not default is the memory voltage. I had to bump it up by +0.4V to meet the 2.2V requirement for the RAM. I was told to do this by Gigabyte tech support because I was constantly sitting at the BIOS splash screen for a few minutes on every boot.
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  1. misposted ---
  2. nhobo said:
    XP Pro.

  3. Sounds more like a software rather then hardware problem. Try going to:
    www.ultimatebootcd.com and download the cd. Use one of the hard disk tools to format outside of Windows and see if that works for you.
  4. skip010 said:
    Sounds more like a software rather then hardware problem. Try going to:
    www.ultimatebootcd.com and download the cd. Use one of the hard disk tools to format outside of Windows and see if that works for you.

    I'll try that but I'd like to know why you think its a SW issue. I've never had XP do this before. I've done dozens of XP installations and used the same partitioning/formatting process.

    In any case, I just tried it again during my lunch break. Both times the formatting of the final (and largest) logic drive failed. The first try got me to 51% the second only 20% before rebooting.

    On the 1st attempt, the screen when momentarily blank and then came right back to where it was. The system was no longer responsive. Mouse & keyboard were not working. The system just froze. Its never done that before. Its always gone right into a reboot. A hint perhaps?

    Before the 2nd attempt, I disabled S.M.A.R.T. in the BIOS, but that didn't seem to change anything.

    Could the hard drive be the issue? Could it be the fact that Vista was originally used to partition and format the drive?

    As it so happens, I have an 300GB IDE drive that is having the same problem. I partitioned it 20GB/480GB. The format of the 20GB went fine. The format of the 480GB failed in the same manner as the SATA drive. I did not mention this in my original post because I had initially disconnected it as a troubleshooting step. When I saw that disconnecting did not resolve the problem, that's when I posted to the forum.

    Is is possible to run WD hard drive diagnotics on non-formatted partitions? Maybe I should try that to rule out any bad sectors or anything else.
  5. I would have said it might be an HD issue but with your last post it now appears unlikely.
  6. im not sure if previous vista could stop formatting using xp, since u already formatted the first partition n installed xp.

    try formatting ur harddisk in another pc. it will rule out problem with ur harddisk.

    other possibilities. hard to tell, try memtest86+, maybe u have memory issues. or maybe psu not able to deliver the power needed (tho im not sure about the psu thing, it is very doubtful).
  7. Well, over the weekend I tried to format a virgin hard drive and had similar issues. I eventually gave up, returned the motherboard and got me an EVGA 680SLi board. The new system is rock solid. I was able to install, partition, and format my 3 hard drives, installed XP, and load all of my apps. Problem solved.
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