Is this a PSU problem?

Okay to start off I made a post late last night about a VGA-DVI splitter, my apologies for not responding to that but in case you were wondering, my problem was solved I picked up a VGA to DVI converter that fits my setup.

But, unfortunately I have other problems currently, I got home and plugged in my monitor and get started on my BIOS... everything seems fine I set everything up like I think it should go and hit the "save and quit" option; so I start reading my motherboard manual to see what I'm supposed to do next when my system randomly shuts off. This DID NOT happen the 5 or so minutes I was setting up the BIOS, which lead me to believe that it was one of the setting changes I just made that made my system crash. Immediatly I think to load into fail-safe mode, at this point, it would seem that I'm back in business so I start to install my 32-bit Vista home premium Os, I get thru it and start to install my mobo drivers, I either finish it or get close to finishing when I'm promted to reboot my computer, I click start>shutdown without thinking about hitting the restart button and it shuts down, I click the power button and I make it into the login screen when it crashes yet again... It seems this really only happens when I manually use the power button to power-up but I'm not exactly sure. When I try to start it up again it only stays on for around 1 minute and 20-30 seconds.

Could my corsair 550W power supply be the problem? There was a point when I was wiring everything up that I said screw the manual and decided to just plug things in as I saw fit- could an error in me wiring the system be the problem, all though I was pretty sure I did it right. So i guess I'm asking does this seem to be a defective PSU or some other type of error?

P.S. I tried taking one of my 2 sticks of ram out and trying to boot on only that and did the same with the other, no results. All the fans in my Antec 900 are working properly and set to medium, nothing physically feels as if its overheating. Also is there any problems that come with running in fail-safe mode?

Thanks for any help, I promise to respond to any questions as soon as possible!
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  1. *Sigh* I'm sick and tired of dealing with this for tonight, I'm becoming increasingly worried something might be damaged or came DOA... Well my more technically savvy friends going to stop by tomorrow, well see if we can figure anything out. This is frustrating... I'm wondering what parts would even do this? When I hear the machine power off the PSU fan goes off at the same time as the ones in my case, so I can be pretty certain that the thing actually works. First thing in the morning I'm going to try and start the thing using only the essentials to see if the same thing happens: turning itself off after a minute...

    I know it seems like I'm becoming increasingly impatient and desperate on this whole situation, thats only because I am! Hehe naw seriously I need some help :(
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  3. argh 49 reads and no one can help? I've ruled out the PSU as my problem and now I'm looking more towards my CPU. The stock HSF that came with my c2d E6750 might have been installed bad, and it seems to be shaky and has an almost flimsy feeling to it, I checked PC Health or whatever its called in my BIOS and I see the CPU start at 40ish C and slowly rise all the way up to the 80s, at which point I turn it off. Does this mean every time it shuts down I have an overheating CPU? my main question is, will another HSF be the solution to my proble or is it the actual CPU? thanks again.
  4. well, it sounds like it is over heating. Try new thermal paste and reseating the HSF. Also, list your entire spec's
  5. ^Agreed. Its highly unlikely the PSU because I have yet to have a Corsair PSU die on me (I have used Corsair in more than 20+ builds).
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