Need help choosing ram, please respond quickly

ok my mobo is the asus maximus formula and my current ram is

however according to the NCIX tech person it is not compatible and so i need to buy new ram. (i dont have the package and so have to sell it... :( if ur interested and live within BC my e-mail is

but anyways i need new ram, any suggestions?

these are the ones im looking at right now:




*i will be ocing my Q6600 and so i need capable ram
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  1. That's rediculous. That corsair memory is compatible with the Asus Maximus...
  2. tahts what i thought as well... escpecially since i bought it lol.. but it keeps recieving errors no matter what..... he opened 4 packages (i saw him do this, and they all came up with errors) actually to go into more detail, 1 stick would always come up with errors totally by itself (ie 1gb) and then then when he took that one out and put the other one that came with the package (again 1gb by itself) it wouldnt come up with errors... its really **** up..

    also i was looking at this ram as well
  3. anyone?
  4. you may need set ram voltage accord to spec. Most high end ram need above 1.8 volt. you need to set to 2.2v in the bios.
    for oc q6600. I think 3.2 to 3.4 Ghz should be good untill you want to push it higher, so 400*9 is good to go. then DDR2 800 is the memory you want.
  5. One suggestion I have, which might be a pain, is to really look at the dimm slots and see if you can tell if any pins are mis-aligned with the memory out of the slot. Even use a magnifying glass if you have one.
  6. I'm using the GSkill ddr2 800mhz ram to OC nicely

    see the sig line...
  7. beurling said:
    That's rediculous. That corsair memory is compatible with the Asus Maximus...
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