(1ST TIME BUILD) Galaxy 8600GT (512mb gddr3) problems...

Alrighty, here goes...
My name is Louata, I live in Brisbane, Australia. I am 16 and just built my first PC. it works perfectly!
Then I downloaded (unmetred) from my ISP Games site some games installed them and played them. they looked awesome... then they kept freezing... I couldn't find out why... Then I wipped out the manual and read it. it turns out that my GPU requires more power than what can be provided by the PCI-E slot. I need one of those PSU 4 pin to something-a-rather, to connect to the mobo.

I am running a Galaxy 8600GT 512MB GDDR3 OC'ed on a Winfast (Leadtek) K8M890M2MA (VIA Chipset, mATX) I couldn't find it on the leadtek website, probably because it was discontinued...
CPU is AMD Athlon X2 4000+ AM2. 2GB Ram (DDR2-667)

Ok, if there is no "something-a-rather" connector on this motherboard, Is there no other way to power the card? If not, I guess I just need a new motherboard. I need a mATX mobo though because the enclosure is mATX.

What should I do? Thanks in advance. (Sorry if its in the wrong forum, didn't know which one it fitted most... Mobo/GPU)

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  1. Is there a power connector on your GPU? That i usually what you need to connect. It is only dual card MB (SLI and Crossfire) that have the connector you where looking for on your MB
  2. what do you mean? do you mean something like that goes from the card to the PSU? should the card have a connector of some sort? cause i am really unsure... :(
  3. The card is similiar to this card...
    I need what it says I need for that card:
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS requires:

    * PCI Express®-compliant motherboard with one x16 graphics slot
    * 6-pin supplementary power connectors
    * Minimum 450W or greater system power supply (with 12V current rating of 30A)*

    Except I have the 8600GT 512 not GTS...

    I can grab a 4 pin to 6 pin adapter...

    but then what do I do? I have absolutley no idea and the manual is not helpful at all, where do I pug it in????????????????? It is so confusing... I really want to play games... :fou: :(
  4. If you look at the card you linked to you you see the 6pin power connector in the top right corner of the card on the picture. If that connector is on your card you have to plug it into you PSU. If you need to have 4 to 6pin adapter you have to have both 4 pins hooked up to power from the PSU and then the 6 pin into the card.
  5. I see it on the picture... But my card does not have that connector... what does this mean? The manual says I need external power... The card has no where to plug in that power... WHAT THE HELL!!!??? Could this mean the motherboard is not providing sufficient power to the slot?

    Otherwise I think I might be stuck with buying another GPU... which I don't want to do... :(
  6. Okay, looking at the link below that shows one side of the GPU, I'd say that you don't need a 6 pin PCI-e connector from your PSU. You should be fine with it just in the PCI-e slot.

    If you look below, I've linked a picture of what a 6 pin PCI-e connection on a video card looks like. This is needed to supply more than the 75w that the mobo supplies the the video card in the PCI-e slot.

    Here is the older style 4 pin connector that used to be the standard in higher powered video cards.

    And finally the 4 pin to 6 pin adapter, if you own an older PSU that doesn't come with a standard 6 pin PCI-e connector.

    Here's a PSU that comes with the 6 pin PCI-e adapter, so you can see how the new PSU's have them. Not the greatest picture, but you'll get the idea.
  7. If it(your 8600GT) doesn't have the connector, you don't need more power than the PCI-e 16x slot provides. The manual is in error, or more likely written to cover other cards as well. The 8600GTS is clocked higher (core/shaders/memory) and needs additional power. I have never seen an 8600GT with an external power connector....they just run off the slot alone.
  8. Alright... than what could be could be causing the freezing in-game? Tryed again not 3 minutes ago and it froze and I had to hit the reset button... If i don't need additional power... what could be causing the errors?
  9. ALot of things can cause lockups and instability. It can beat heat from bad airflow, drivers, RAM, or could be your PSU isn't supplying enough power to the system when consumption goes up in 3D. It may not be the cards fault at all.

    What power supply do you ahve? Brand? Model? Looking at the label on the side of the power supply, how many amps on the 12v rail(s)?
  10. If your card (matching serial numbers and stuff) is suppose to have the 6 pin and it doesn't, then you need to complain to a manufacturer/retailer.

    Other than that, I would try to install newer/older drivers.

    Also, you downloaded a bunch of free games? They could be poorly written. See if it happens on retail big company games.
  11. Virus issues could be at fault too, but I'm just betting that the PSU is at fault. Just a wild guess without the make/model of the PSU and the Amps on the +12V rail(s).
  12. Yeah, and based on it's a mATX encloser and I'm guessing probably the bundled PSU, too little power is very possible.
  13. Ok, sorry, when you all replied it was about 1230 AM here in Oz, so I went to sleep... had to work the next day...

    anyway, when I bought the PSU, I wasn't really looking for brand name stuff... I was on the cheap side... anyway my PSU is
    brand: Besta (Possible Generic but it is Reserved TM)
    550W... Um I am not sure about the PSU stuff so I will quote you what it says on the side of the box:
    "Besta(r) Silent Dual(r) 550W
    Features: Complies with ATX 12V 2.0 version
    Independent voltage circuit: offers unflappable current delivery under heavy load and makes voltage output more stable
    SLI, Crossfire and Dual Core SPU ready
    Active power factor correction (PF>0.99) and high efficiency (>80%)
    Extremely good voltage regulation (+-3%): provides steady voltage system
    industrial grade components (capacitor, transformer etc)
    High reliability: MTBF>120,000 hrs
    Mirror effect housing and reliable 12cm ball-bearing fan
    Protections: over current, over voltage and over temperature
    safety / emi approvals: ce, cb, tuv, fcc, ul, cul certification.

    That is what it says. I think the brand is only in Oz, but I think it is Generic... Buying another PSU is not a problem... Still xmas/new year holidays here in oz and I have plenty of holiday shifts...

    If it is the PSU, what brands (not to expensive) would you recommend? Thanks for everyones input so far its been great help unlike that Crappy bundled manual. :D

    Also to pauldh, not PSU was bundled... just a case on its own :D
  14. Well by the information below, I'd say that you have 19A on the +12V rail, if this is the one that you have. That should have plenty of power for your setup. Now I don't know the quality of the PSU, so there still is the possibility that the PSU could be the problem.
    Brand New 550W Besta Silent (24-Pin/64-Bit) Gold Plated Industrial Grade, SLI Ready Power Supply.
    Brand new in Retail box & Gold in Colour (Gold Rated Grade).
    SLI Ready
    Suits ATX Motherboards and Cases.
    Suits All PC & Server Type Computer Systems.
    Suits Intel & AMD
    Comes with 20-Pin & 24-Pin ATX Connectors
    Comes with a large 12CM Internal Fan.
    SATA Support
    Virtual Silent Operation & Gold Plated
    Advanced Heat Dissipation
    Real Power Output
    Surge Protection
    Voltage, Current & Power Protection
    RPM Monitor (Rounds Per Minute)
    1x FDD
    1x SATA
    1x 6-pin (for PCI_Express Video Cards)
    1x 4-pin (12V)
    20+4 (20 & 24) pin ATX Connector

    +12V +5V +3.3V -5V -12V +5Vsb

    19A 45A 35A 0.5A 0.8A 3.5A

    As far as a PSU that I'd recommend, look at my signature below and click on the "PSU Tiers" link and select one that is at least a Tier 3 PSU. Anything at or above that level will have quality parts in them, so you won't have to worry too much. :)
  15. How can they advertise that as SLI ready when it has a single PCI-e power connector and only 19 amp on the 12v rail? :pt1cable:

  16. pauldh said:
    How can they advertise that as SLI ready when it has a single PCI-e power connector and only 19 amp on the 12v rail? :pt1cable:

    It is called false advertizing!

    The number one product of most companies in the world! :lol:
  17. Going in on Galaxy website and looking at their cards they no longer make a 8600GT OC 512mb DDR3. They have in its stead a 8600GE 512mb DDR3 which basically is a overclocked 8600GT with a power connector. My guess would be that their might have been a problem with power consumption and that was their way of fixing it. Even if your power supply only has 19amps on the +12volts it should be enough to run your card.
  18. hey, i did not read the whole thread, but i've got some experience with an 8600GT.

    When i bought it, i had an 400Watt no name psu, and in silkroad, i got artifacts. there were no problems with my rigg, so i tested a new psu. that was it! so i bought an xilence 600 Watt sli ready one!
    no artifacts. that card is a monster at powerconsuming!

    i think that card has the same problem as mine!
  19. Well at 30W of power consumption, the 8600gt isn't a power consuming. Don't know where you get your facts at, but a 8600gt isn't as power hungry as you would like to think. A 7600gt consumes 36w of power, so the 8600gt is even less than that. See my link in my signature, if you doubt my facts.
  20. I've seen some reviews show the 8600GT and 7600GT consume the same under load. other reviews have found the 8600GT uses a little more. http://techreport.com/articles.x/12285/10

    I'm not going to read their legend right now and check the source, but do wonder where they get 30W from? Sounds a bit low to me. But, yeah it is a low power consuming card not a high consuming card. Even the factory OC'ed ones come without an external power connector. Early 8600GT talks always seemed to say NV rates it at 43 watts.
    "External PCIe power not required; maximum board power consumption: 43-watts"
  21. Hi, not sure if you've resolved your problems by now.

    I just bought the Galaxy GF8600 GT 256mb this week, but I haven't had any problems. It runs my games like a dream.

    I only bought my PC last month as a cheap basic starter system, so while its a Core 2, it only had onboard 64MB graphics. But then I wanted to experiment with games but found most need a dedicated game quality graphics card to run.

    So I went to my PC shop intending to buy a GF8800 that was on sale, but they said my 350w power supply on my basic system would not be able to support that card because it needed extra power for its fan.

    So they suggested I get the GF8600 GT which was still moderately powerful but not as power hungry and could simply slot in without power cables; Its fan has its power incorporated in the card.

    But I found the Galaxy manual in the box did have all this talk about extra power cables; its ALL NOT applicable to the GF8600, the manual is misleading and applies to other more powerful cards in the same family.

    The Driver CD they include is also way out of date. Even the Galaxytech website has old out-of-date drivers.

    Go to the Nvidia GeForce website http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us and navigate to the relevant drivers page for the 8600 card. New ForceWare drivers came out in late December 2007, and a more recent beta version in January 2008 (found under “other drivers” at the bottom of page), mainly to fix NVidia problems with some of the newer games releases. The driver I have installed is version 169.28 released 10 January 2008.

    There is also a bit of a trick to installing them manually, make sure you follow the instructions on the Nvidia site.
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