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Great site and forum. I’ve searched for hours and am now ready to ask for some advice.

I’ve got a very nice high end gaming computer up and running, and need advice on the right monitor set up, with emphasis on flight simulator X. I returned two monitor setups and want to get it right next time, hence this post.

Computer spec:
• GeForce 680i LT SLI CPU Bundle
• Quad core Q6600 2.4
• two Geforece 8800 GTX cards
• 8 gb RAM
• Liquid cooled
• 1000 watt power supply

I’ve test driven a triple monitor set up 19/21/19 inches (using Matrox triple head to go) and also a single 30 inch Dell at (2560 X 1600). I ran these both with the graphic cards running in SLI. I liked the peripheral vision on the first and incredible resolution and big screen on the second.

I’m inclined to go for the best of both worlds, with one of the following triple monitor set ups

• 3968 X 1200 (three monitors 17/24/17 inch) $2,000

• 4960 X 1600 (three monitors 20/30/20 inch) $3,600

These are also great set ups for everyday windows applications which is 90% of the computer usage and flight simulator 10%.


1) What monitor set up would you buy for this computer setup? (Including any that are not mentioned above)

2) Will flight simulator X operate near full capability when running so much monitor real estate, or do I need to back off on the monitor to run with settings at maximum?

3) If going with triple monitors, would you run them with the triple head to go and the cards running in SLI, or direct connect each monitor to 8800 graphic cards?

Thanks for your help

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  1. Did you find out what works best for you? I am not sure what monitor setup would be best for me. If one giant screen (30") or 3 x 22"(5024x1050)...

    I would like to fly on FSX.


  2. I have a 30 inch center monitor and 20 inch monitors on both sides turned portrain so all thee monitors are the same height.

    I like it. The center one is most important and would go as large as you can afford, up to 30 inches. That supports the highest resolution 2560 X 1600 which is really nice for FSX, photography, and CAD or design programs.

    My set up took two graphic cards to run three monitors.

    Good luck

  3. EricSGU said:
    My set up took two graphic cards to run three monitors.

    I'm in the process of building a system for FSX and other gaming (plus some real work) and would like to do triple monitors. It looks like TripleHead2Go is the simplest solution, but easily as expensive as a second video card with reduced resolution and seemingly reduced performance.

    With your setup, I'm assuming you run the outside monitors off one card and the center monitor off the other? How difficult is it to configure FSX to operate that way? I've read other posts where people have run into all sorts of problems (which I'd like to avoid). I've also read that the video cards don't like to output DirectX 10 to two monitors at the same time, so you can run 2-D on one screen and 3-D on the second, but not 3-D on both. Maybe that's just an issue with older drivers though.

    Since I haven't even ordered the parts for the new system yet, I want to make sure I don't end up with some combination of motherboard, video cards, etc. that makes this not work for me.


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