Need help with monitor or 8800 gt

I have a Chimei 22 inch monitor and a pny 8800gt card. The card is updated with latest drivers. This a new system that i built only 2 days old. I have not played any games on it yet but dvd movies look great on it. Heres my problem. When at the desk top if i move the mouse pointer it it has a slight tail and a blurr effect to it. All mouse properties are set not to have a tail. Also when i use the mouse to drag a sub window on the desktop its edges flicker and the box looks blurry when moved. My monitor is set at 60htz. No other settings for this???? not sure why. Thanks.
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  1. cheap monitor

    = crappy operation

    its ghosting and it will only get woarse

    now it could still be a driver issue

    reload all your drivers

    change the 60hz higher see if it helps i run 75
  2. This is why I like my Samsung lcd monitor. None of the things you describe are happening with my setup.
  3. Ive changed out monitors. Went back to my old crt. I'm starting to think its the pny 8800gt because its doing the same thing with my old crt monitor. I have the latest drivers installed for the card. Ive also restalled them several times. Like i said before when i play movies it looks great. I did install a game(Dark Messiah Might and magic). It does the same thing in the game. I don't think its ghosting. It reminds me of a bad frame rate of some kind. I'm going to check the frame rate and update mt bios and see if that helps. Any advice will help.

    Thanks much.
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