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BIOS ROM Checksum Error

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February 7, 2008 10:58:43 PM

So last night while doing some web browsing, my main system starts outputting a flickering signal to the monitor, Firefox crashes, and I get a blue screen followed by a reboot.

When my system reboots, instead of the normal POST stuff I get a message along these lines:

"Award Bootblock version 1.0
Copyright stuff

BIOS ROM Checksum Error"

The system then proceeds to try booting from the CD-ROM and floppy drive to not avail.

I tried clearing the CMOS RAM, but that didn't change anything and I'm not sure what the next step I should take is.

For reference, the motherboard is an ASUS A8N-SLI Premium. The boot drive is a WD 150 gig Raptor SATA drive.

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April 25, 2008 12:58:50 AM

If you can't recover it you will have to take out your BIOS chip and have someone reflash it, chip might have simply malfunctioned, in that case you will need a new, not always easy to come by, bout you can buy one here

Bought one from him worked prefectly :) 
April 26, 2008 4:50:44 PM

dang you need to RMA it. you might get lucky and re-flash with their BIOS recovery tool but it usually never works out like it should. also check all your chips on the mobo for burns/fries. don't see how a BIOS could go corrupt on you like that