Help, desktop troubles.

Dear Tom's Hardware Community,
I have recently encountered a problem where when I try to do something on the desktop, it freezes. I don't get the "not responding" message or anything, it just stops responding to left clicks, right clicks, everything, including the drag select function. The desktop just fails to do anything. I've tried restarting and system restore, what should I do?
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  1. This is an urgent issue, as I need to use my computer for work and other activities. PLEASE HELP!
  2. Is it new install? Could be a virus.

    Press F8 to get to the safe mode and select with networking, and run #1 and #2 @
  3. I ran the diagnostic. I got no problems, I do not have a virus as far as I know. Can you think of any other things that may cause the process that runs the desktop to crash?
  4. Did u plug in or add any new device or install new updates or programs?

    BTW, is it a new install?
  5. "I've tried restarting and system restore, what should I do?"

    So what happened there?
  6. System restore worked, brought it back to a few days before the problem, but did not fix it. This install is not new.
  7. Check for yellow flags under Control Panel > Device Manager
  8. Also try this command-line diagnostic utility for power problems.

    Go to Start > Run, type cmd, then type powercfg -energy

    This will generate an HTML file and so check the report for problems.
  9. That problem is gone now and now I can't use some of the keys on my keyboard. WHY?
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