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I had one drive of a RAID 0 array die on me. My plain is to reinstall Vista on the surviving drive. When I get to the point where I choose which drive to install on, my only choice is a recently installed 2TB hard drive that contains all of my backups, which I obviously need. The drive does show up in BIOS and in diskpart, just not in the Vista install program.
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  1. Did you break the RAID configuration so it sees the drive normally?
  2. I deleted the array. Is there anything else I need to do? I also changed the SATA port that I plugged it into - not sure if that matters. I plugged it into the one next to the functioning 2TB drive.
  3. As long as the RAID controller does not see the drive as being part of a RAID set, Windows should see that single drive. Check in the RAID settings to make sure the drive is not seen as part of the array.
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