should i buy a xfx 7900gs XT for 90 dollars?

well i'm pretty budget right now but it's a definate upgrade from my ati 9600 pro. I seen on one of my local buy and sell websites that some one was selling this with cod2 and serious sam for 90 dollars.

i was going to buy an 3850 for 189.99 at ncix but this caught my eye. I heard these things can oc like mad.

How long till this card goes obsolete and if i can run COD4 well. I'm running XP.
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  1. I had a post like this, but it was a Geforce 7950 GX2 for $120. Everyone said dont get it.

    I bought it any way.
  2. buy it, don't listen to others, just do what your hard sais.

    you want to know why? because i think that your system is pretty old like mine. and i wanted to buy it too, but i bought a 8600GT (never buy that one). you have to see if your system can handle it, i think it can, but beware if that 90$ card is an agp or pci-express. because the ati9200 was an agp card, is yours too? or are you talking about the PCI version?

    pci i play on a pentium 4 630 3 ghz processor and 3 gigs of ram, and a 8600 gt, you can easily run cod4!

    what is your cpu and ram?
  3. Go For it. Good Card for the Price.
  4. $90 for an AGP 7900GS is a pretty good deal. Seeing how you have a 9600 pro, I take it you are looking at AGP.

    $90 for a used PCI-e 7900GS is a lousy deal IMO seeing how a brand new HD2600XT has been as low as $60 AR at newegg and will very often easily outperform the 7900GS in newer games.
  5. For an AGP card that is a seriously good deal. Will be a massive improvement over your 9600Pro
  6. Yeah definitely go for it. 7900GS AGP are hard to come by and they are one of the best AGP cards you can get. For $90 dollars, it will breath new life into your system.
  7. Now if you're talking about how long it until that card becomes obsolete...well, let's just say AGP is already obsolete :D

    You should be able to play current games on medium settings. If it comes with some games, that card is a pretty good buy.
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