Am I missing any parts for a water cooling system?

I put together a nice water cooling solution for my Phenom 9850BE and two 3870 GPUs. I want to make sure I am not missing any parts I need or if I got the wrong diameters or something, please check.

I got:
1x Swiftech H20-220 Compact Water cooling CPU Kit

2x EK Radeon HD3870 Water Cooling Blocks

2x Blue UV 1/2" Diameter Water Tubing

Thank you guys in advance
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  1. Well...

    All the parts are there, but you will get better performance going with a custom built kit. Especially since the Swiftech kit you picked uses a 3/8"ID tubing. I recommend looking at DangerDen ( http:// ) since they will have all the parts you need in one place. And you can always ask them questions and they will answer them fairly quickly.

  2. +1 on spotting the 3/8" tubing. It's not that bad, just make sure you get everything in 3/8" sizes and fittings. I've never used one of those integrated pump/CPU blocks, so I don't know how well they work. Swiftech makes some pretty decent gear, I use them along with DangerDen, depending on what blocks. With that pump, I don't think you would notice any difference if you had 1/2" or 3/8" tubing...stick to whatever your pump is natively (so you aren't reducing flow with sizing fitting) and you will do fine. I just recommend that 1/4" shouldn't be considered unless its a high-en Enheim or Koolance rig.
  3. Ditch the cheaper kit and get This one.
    Better pump, CPU block and it is already set up to use 1/2" tubing.
    Much better system.
  4. That's a good kit; I have the DD version of that pushes some serious water volume. The Apogee block is really good as well. I went with 3/8" my first time and wish I just went 1/2" from the start. The only problem is, those 1/2" pumps are usually pretty large compared to the 3/8" compact pumps.
  5. Hello, I have the Apogee Drive pump/block setup that's included in that set. It has been working very well. It drives one 3x120 and a 120 radiator with no problems--it has a 10.8 ft head pressure.

    As for video card cooling I have two MCW60-R cooling my 2900Pros. It's all in a series and keeps the cards at 38c and load 45c.

    Swiftech has been helpful...good support and products. Looks like you have everything.
  6. Sounds like it is a pretty decent pump. I haven't had any complaints with either Swiftech or DangerDen components, so I was hoping that it would be a good pump. That's good to know when people I build for are interested in watercooling, and want something lower maintenance and with space restrictions.
  7. Well I think Im gonna stick with the Swiftech compact kit because space is an issue. But so that kit i picked out is 3/8" not 1/2" so I need different tubing now? and are the 3870 blocks the 3/8" size?
  8. I think the pump is native 3/8", so you will want to really go with that size. You really don't want to have to adjust the tubing with sizing fittings just to fit components; this can hurt your flowrate and in the case if you have a bigger I/D pump size (say 1/2") and push into 3/8", you are causing extra strain on your pump to push 1/2" flow through a 3/8" tube. Think of trying to blow air through a coffee stirring straw vs. a regular drinking straw.

    Most blocks have the ability to use different fittings, just order the block with the fitting size you need. They all unscrew and almost all use the G 1/4" thread size for compatibility (not to be confused with the tubing inlet size).

    Yes, you will need 3/8" tubing. Double check the specs on the pump for the native tubing size (ID= inside diameter in case you weren't familar)

    Edit: From the Newegg site, product specs-

    Tube Dimensions Laboratory grade 3/8" Norprene tubing wrapped with anti-kink Smartcoils.
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