P35C-DS3R new build won't go past post screen

New build with
P35C-DS3R v2.0
Intel Q6600
Asus EAX1950Pro
Crucial DDR2 4GB
Seagate 80GB SATA
DVD ide drive

No OS loaded.

I first built it without the SATA drive and used all the IDE drives from my old system, modem, etc. Would not power up.
Stripped out non essentials and fitted empty IDE drive. Managed to get into bios and change boot sequence so it booted from DVD first so I could load XP. Managed to install XP. Rebooted and would not go past post screen.
Removed IDE drive and fitted new sata drive.
I've now stripped out everything except what is listed.
PC boots to splash screen and stops, pressing DEL does nothing, TAB takes it to post screen, and stays there.
CPU and case fans are working.
Suggestions please.
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  1. I have the same CPU and Board except I have Rev 2.1, I am also using Crucial memory. I had a slightly similar issue and updated the BIOS and the problem went away. Not real familiar with Gigabyte boards, and I am having my own problems currently with memory.
    I'd probably clear the CMOS first and see if you can reset the settings, also check to make sure your memory timings and voltages for memory are correct. No mention of Powersupply here, not sure if you have a cheapo or if you have even tested it. Might be worth a shot. Also try pulling all but 1 DIMM and see if you get anywhere.

    I am going on my 3rd DS3R board since I just RMA'd my 2nd one. First one was DOA, and thanks to newegg got it RMA'd. 2nd one is unstable when running memory at 1066 in DIMM 3. and was doing something similar to what you mentioned before I flashed the BIOS. I have been reading alot about random reboots on this board. Personally I think this board is probably a POS, either that or I am having some extraordinary bad luck with it. Regardless I won't be purchasing another Gigabyte board anytime in the near future.

    Good luck.

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