3dmark06 score, plz help

my system:
Q6600 oc to 3.0ghz
8800GT 600/1800 (stock speeds)
4GB corsair XMS2 800mhz
vista 64bit
550w PSU

on youtube i have seen someone with, q6700 (stock speeds) crucial 800mhz memory, 8800GTX (stock speeds) 850w PSU and vista 64. on his 3dmark06 score he got 18500 and on the tests he was getting double my FPS

is there seriously that much differnce between 8800gtx and 8800gt.. i thought it was like 20% better by now 100% rofl. my 3dmark06 score was 12700 btw, urm is there something going wrong with my pc? should i be higher?
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  1. No I dont think anything is wrong, I'd say with benchmarks some people max out one time to show off the great orb dont worry about what others get if you got the cooling you could increase clock speeds optimize the system disable all services that are not system related.
    Last run 3dmark as a service and set the service to high.
  2. well i only get 11600 even with my gts oced to the max 3d mark is not everything
  3. It is a lot how ever because if you actually do it properly its quite competitive :)

    If he was getting 2x ur FPS he'd have 20k points so dont believe everything u see.
  4. well i have great cooling on my GT... thermaltake duorb.. idle 35-39c load 45-52c. I would like to OC my card however i dont want to keep using 3rd party applications to OC my card like rivertuner (which doesnt work on vista 64). i have tried OCing the bios however NiBitor doesnt work with vista 64.. it says it cannot load the driver when u try and read bios, i am guessing this is because vista 64 doesnt allow direct control over ur components... i could be wrong. Any other ways of overclocking? without using NiBitor or 3rd party apps... im a noob at ocing bios and finding bios and saving bios and flashing bios xD so a ttutorial would be great if you find something that could help. TY
  5. 1) that guy has a better Processor than you(if only by a little)

    2) The 8800GTX stomps the 8800GT by alot, not a little only in game, but in benching marking Suites like 3Dmark where you need horsepower the 8800GTX is definitely going to pull way ahead

    3)You do not know for sure what other things he has done to optimize his computer so it is possible that the score is exaggerated.

    Nice build BTW, i bought a 8800GT myself and was debating on getting a Q6600 but with the newer Quad-cores coming out (penyrns) seems silly to buy a soon to be out-dated Processor, so i bought a cheapy Intel Pentium E2180 for 100 :D , until the new QC's come out in march or so
    (lol i bet with some OCing i can come close to your score :kaola: )
  6. rofl :P
    i dont know how much performance difference you will see from q6600 3ghz to the new 1... bearly anything out now will use up half of my 4 cores.

    Anyway still any1 know how to OC my 88gt on vista 64 without 3rtd party apps
  7. Uhhh how to OC your Card without 3rd party apps.. Ntune?

    Basically 3rd party apps work the best my favorite being RivaTuner because it applys your clocks on Startup. I like to use ATI-tool, too just to check for Graphical glitches.

    By far one of the programs you need to see if your 8800GT is stable is probably FurBenchmark
  8. 18,500 in 3DMark06 with a q6700(stock), and single GTX (stock) ...not happening! Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see...well maybe not even half!
  9. i just want my 88gt OCed to arround 650/1900
    i know this is stable since people with stock cooler are getting 720/2100
    but ntune doesnt work.. when i set it to load on windows start up using the custom rules thing it says baseline.npe could not load. Then i end up having to uninstall ntune because tht message comes up every 10mins.. rofl.. any1 know a fix for this or does it just do tht on vista 64
  10. Xazax is right, 3rd party apps do work the best, does ati tray tools work on vista 64? it works on XP X64 beutifuly.
  11. well ive used Expertool by Gainward before and it overclocks fine i run it and have it on 650/1900 and do all the tests but then when i restart windows and have it set to run on start up, when loading windows my pc will freeze 1ns expertool is open and these lines will go across my screen.

    which is why iw ant to flash the bios... i knwo my card can handle it just 3rd party apps on start up crash my system
  12. Well if it crashes your system on start-up then obviously it is not stable, even though it may run benchmarks and play games if it crashes when your restart yea..

    If you want to be adventurous i would try NVbitor, its A 3RD party program that allows you to overwrite your cards BIOs with your desired settings. Google it and check how to do it. Personally i wouldnt because that voids the RMA and if it dies well bye bye $$$$
  13. lol dont u mean NiBitor? ive tried it and it wont load the driver it says. something to do with vista 64 and full control over card settings
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