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I resentlly bought a new sata drive im installing in my pc. right now i am using a 30gig ide drive and was upgrading to the new sata. I am currently running windows vista ultimate 32. My question is that i do not have the vista cd or can not obtain one with out buying it. I was wondering if there is a way to get it from my old drive and install it to the new sata?
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  1. one must question how you are running Vista in the first place
  2. it was installed on my pc when i bought it from somebody
  3. You can create an image of the drive and transfer for it to the new drive. Some people refer it as ghosting. I have never done it so I can't tell you specifics but google some of what I said and you'll figure it out.
  4. Then it should have a vista key code on the outside, and all you need is a vista CD to do a re-install.

    There are plenty of drive imaging software packages out there (acronis is one) that will move the data from one drive to the next.
  5. +1 on ghosting that drive. Try Norton Ghost or some other imaging program and you should be good to go.
  6. head over to acronis.com and download their free 15 day trial version of Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0

    Its the full version but it flames out in 15 days
  7. You should also be able to go to whoever made your new drives website and download software/utility that will do the same thing.
  8. there is no cd key on the side of the pc. It was a custom build. Also i am not what im suppose to do when i use norton ghost. Do i install the sata drive to my pc with the orginal ide drive still installed>?
  9. +1 to Acronis - it's easy and great.
  10. +1 to Acronis.

    You bought a Pirated OS if you dont have a key.

    Contact the seller and tell him you will call Microsoft and turn him in if he dont give you a DvD with a product key.

    All legal PCs will come with a product key no matter what, custom or retail.
  11. +1 to roadrunner. you need to have your cd key, if not then its illegal. anyway like many people said use Acronis and you will be set to go.
  12. Pirated OS. Expect trouble.

    I totally agree with the suggestion to report the seller... he should either make it right or be prepared to deal with Microsoft.
  13. which product do i use from acronis. there is a bunch of them
  14. True Image, and clone de Hard Drive
  15. ok i tryed installing acronis tru image 2009 and it will not insatll . it keeps stoping during install. Is there another program i can use that does the same thing. Ive tryed 15 times to install it and it just wont
  16. use the older version of Acronis. or use Norton Ghost
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