is radeon x1650 pro for 50 bucks good?

Hey guys, first time posting, so if you could, give me a little leniency, thanks. I ran across what seems to be a good deal on a video card. it's a Diamond Viper Radeon X1650PRO Graphics Card 512mb video card for let's say 49.99 after google check out. link here :
What do you guys think? Is it a good deal? Also, would it need an extra power line from my power supply like some power hungry video cards? Thanks for all the help guys.
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  1. what resolution are you playing at? and what games do you want to play?
  2. That x1650pro you linked has GDDR2 which I do NOT recommend. A 256MB GDDR3 card will far outperform a 512MB GDDR2 card. Look for a GDDR3 version of that card.
  3. Although I'll be rebuilding very soon - I'm still using an X800Pro and it is fine for the demo's of COD4 and Crysis at 1280x1024 on medium settings.
    So I expect the x1650pro would be a decent improvement. (the x800 only uses 1 power plug - not sure about the x1650pro - like you - i can't be bothered to look it up!)

    Of course it still won't own Crysis but it should be ok I expect for most games on NOT the maximum settings.

    As teh_boxzor asks - depends on your res, the rest of your system, what games you want to play and what card you currently use as far as improvement factor goes.

    If budget is really very tight - you might be pleasantly surprised with it (depending on the above).
  4. I found a good deal on an X1600 XT, 256MB which I believe is the GDDR3 version.

    Crossfire ready also.
    Going for about $40 plus a couple bucks shipping. It's the deal I'm seriously thinking about myself.

    Any better deals anyone?
  5. $30 AR is a great price.

    But I doubt a GDDR2 X1650 pro could beat an X800 pro. Something like the X1650GT OC (basically a X1650XT with slower core) would be better.

    There was a HD2600XT for $60 AR within the past week. That would have been the card to grab as it's a big jump up. There are some HD2600 pro's for $55-60. Not as fast but probably my current choice for the price.

    Anyway, it depends on your budget, the games you play, and the resolution/settings you want to play at. I doubt you will beat that card for $30 shipped AR. But don't expect too much from it in newer games.
  6. thanks for all the help guys. mainly, I just want my CoD4 to run smoother, I'm currently using a radeon x300 =/ I am on a budget.
  7. I called into the company with the x1600 xt for 40 dollars. They said it was a ddr3 version, so I'm going to go ahead and order it. Hopefully it'll be better then the x1650 pro. Keep you guys updated!!
  8. Well, a "real" X1650 pro based on the reference design was basically an overclocked X1600XT and should have GDDR3 memory clocked 1380 (effective) Comparing an X1600XT to a 800MHz(effective) GDDR2 X1650 pro, yeah I would think the X1600XT is clearly better. Hope it works out well for you. It is more power hungry than a 7600GS though.
  9. UPDATE!
    I just got the video card in yesterday, installation went smoothly, drivers and all. Loaded up Call of Duty 4, HUGE improvement going from a x300 to an x1600xt. I have a Dell 5150 with a low end Pentium D, and 1 gig of ram. Games graphics run a lot smoother, and I can even play some of the larger maps with 25 on 25. Counter-strike also showed a huge improvement. The deal is in nateandrews post, radeon x1600 for $40+shipping. (thanks nate). Basically going from such a poor graphics card to this, I would recommend it. If you have a decent graphics card though, just save up money, and purchase a higher-end one though, b/c the gains will probably be minimal. As for me though, I'm happy with my purchase. Next stop, upgrade the ram =). Thanks for all the help guys.
  10. Good deal, glad you're happy with the results. Happy gaming.
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