16MB or 32MB cache?


looking into a new HDD purchase just wondering if the difference in cache sizes is important
what to they mean and will a 16mb cached HDD preform slower than a 32mb Cached HDD

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  1. a rule of thumb is always get the newest tech for you money , im not sure were your located but im in canada and on average the difference for the 16mb cache vs 32 mb cache is always like a couple bucks difference . S o you mite as well spring for the 32mb cache , if this is your first time purchasing a 16 or 32 your going to be impressed either way cause that means you had an 8mb or even worse 2mb cache drive that was slower for sure good luck .. i like seagate because there fast cheap and have a longer warranty then WD !!
  2. the new(ish) black series from WD comes with a 5 year warranty, 32MB cache, and are said to be extremely fast, close to that of a Raptor. I'm going to be picking one up here next week.

  3. thanks. i think ill go with a WD black caviar or a samsung spinpoint drive.
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