MSI 975x Platinum no post please help... going crazy!!!

hey all.
i got an MSI Plat. 975x power up v2. with intel core 2 duo e6550, hd 3850 radeon. Xilence Gaming PSU 600W, with ocz 1gb 800mhz gold.
i have put it all together. and no post.
tried diffrent ram at diffrent speeds. PSU working fine and pretty sure the cpu is also working well, the D-BRACKET says that it is memroy problems but i hve tried two diffrent ram sticks. been trying everything. sent the mobo back to aria where i bought it from. and they said that theres no fault. please help really goin crazy here. thanks
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  1. I have the same Mobo and it gave me timing problems which doesn't mean the ram it means the CPU and The master click are not syncing properly.

    Remove your CPU and re-seat it in there.
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