Software monitors and oc?

I am wondering what the best tool is to use for monitoring and doing software overclocks. I'm also looking for something to control cpu fan speed. I have heard that Everest is good, and that EasyTune is bad. But, since I have no experience in these programs and google isn't turning up much I thought i'd ask quickly here.

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  1. Dont OC with software, it doesn't have many options that BIOS, so i recommend u OC'ng through the BIOS

    Also for monitoring the temps, Everest and Core Temp are good apps
  2. OC through the BIOS it's more stable and not very hard.

    Here is a partial list of helpful programs.

    CPU temps. These may not have the same Tjmax. in the event of disparity use Real Temp
    Core Temp
    Real Temp
    Some people like SpeedFan

    CPU Stressing for load CPU temps. Use small FFTs.

    VGA Temps and info. Both Programs will work at least partially on most ATI and Nvidia cards.
    Read the manuals and be careful what you change, specifically OC. You can easily cook your card.

    Benchmarking and general information.
    SiSoftware Sandra Lite

    Hard drive speed
  3. Well doesnt ATI TOOL put alot of pressure on a card? for example u may never reach the temp that ATI TOOL reads even in heavy gaming.
  4. Only if you are using the scan for artifacts stress test. Just like you will never get the load of Prime95, it is for testing.

    I stress again, no pun intended, use it cautiously. Especially the find max core and mem. I use it primarily to control the fan.
  5. Yeah when u use artifacts stress test the temp rises very much

    BTW lets also add OCCT for CPU and RAM stress:

    I use it and its a good app
  6. I agree with all of the above posts.

    Note to OP: If using SpeedFan for temps read the C2D Temp guide on how to calibrate the correct temps.

    @Maziar: I haven't used OCCT, but how well dose the CPU stressing compare to Prime95 and TAT? (As in max stress and temps?)
  7. Its a very good software IMO, it takes alot less time than PRIME 95 (For example u can use 30min testing) it really heats up the CPU though(i think more than Prime 95)

    Also doesn't TAT only measure the temps or it has a stability test?

    I used Prime 95 and i didn't like it,after that i used ORTHOS because it took less time than PRIME 95 and finally i tested OCCT(i saw it in a XBITLABS.COM Review which they tested the CPU for 30mins for its stability)

    BTW,long time no see Shadow :) glad to have u back :)
  8. Agree With all experts
    but simply
    OC your CPU and RAM in BIOS
    Use Real Temp 2.6 to monitor your CPU core temps
    Use CPUZ-145 to check thperformance and settings of your CPU and RAM
    Use Riva Tuner209 to monitor your graphic card performance and also to OC it and adjust fan speed
    Use Prime95 25.6 to stress test your system and ensure stability
    Best to keep it running for 24 hours, if no error it means your system is stable
    You can use memtest86 to test your RAM if you have any doubts of faulty stick
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