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This is a very simple question. Just bought a ASUS laptop with 7 home premiun 64 bit on it. I do have a Windows 7 Pro installation disc that I have for my scratch built desktop. Can I use that disc to reinstall windows on the laptop if need be and just use the license # from the laptop and I assume microsoft will just turn off the added features of Pro??? or do I have to create that 4 dvd recovery disk?? Also if ya know this is a ASUS A53E that has a super multi DVD drive is that dual layer capable??Thanks for any help
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  1. NO this disk will not work with said key as its home premium!
  2. Create the 4 recovery DVD's, better to have them and not need them.

    Then I would find somebody with an standard OEM version of Premium x64 and do an install using your key, thus getting rid of all the crap OEM's preinstall, that slow down a PC.
  3. Thanks, I will look out for a oem
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