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I am tearing my hair out over constant drop of internet connection, it lasts for about 20 mins then cuts out.My isp have cecked the phone line, a-ok, done diagnostic on my pc and says all is good. On a good day it will go for hours, then for no apparent reason off it goes. A friend of mine is suggesting a possible virus, but how do i find out? Any thoughts will be more than welcome.
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  1. It does not seem like a virus, but you can run a scan: /homeusers/solutions/activescan/
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    If you are using a wireless router, try plugging the computer straight in to the modem instead of going wireless. Routers can cause problems just as you have described.
    Another more common cause is just that your provider service is going on and off. This happens to DSL users quite often and cable users too. The internet from many providers is just not as reliable as they claim it is. I have Charter cable internet, and it is not that unusual to have an internet interruption. I just have to wait until it comes back on.
    stop tearing your hair out and get cable internet?
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