hi. should I buy now? or wait 1 months time?

Hi there,

How are you all doing? I am not a very PC literate person, but in the hopes of building an OK machine for rendering and gaming, I've come to teach myself a little bit about PCs.

I've got around $1500AUD ($1400USD) to spend on a system.

At the moment, with the current avaliable options on the market, I think I can equip myself with something like:

Decent mobo
Q6600 Quad Core Intel CPU
DDR2 4gb ram
8800 GTS 512
500 gigs storage

I do plan on getting a Dell 24" wide truecolour monitor sometime along the tracks in the future...

I have been reading some articles and have noticed the 9800 GX2 being released in about a months time.

And with DDR3 memory about to surge into the market...

my question is, should I hold onto the money and wait?
Wait for at least the 9800 GX2 to be released, and hopefully even maybe get DDr3 ram on an able motherboard?

Or should I just get with what I can now with the 8800 GTS 512?

I do plan on using this machine for a lot of rendering on 3D studio max, CAD, photoshop as well as gaming (of course).

Can I please get some advices?

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  1. Intel is supposed to release new CPUs in the next couple of weeks and figure a couple of weeks for the reviews and price shake out on older stuff. Gestimate 6 weeks or so although just read Intel is delaying the release of their high end CPU so who knows. In a year of so there will be new chipset requiring a new mobo so the current 775 is at the end of it's cycle but the current board P35 will run the Penryn, Intes newe 45mm CPU. I would guess close to 18 months or so before the new mobos and CPUs will have a price drop, could be less. Doing rendering you'll definitely benefit from quad core. Right now the 8800GT seems to be the card of choice for gaming but again both nVidia and ATI are coming out with new GPUs but not being a gamer someone can better comment. As for waiting, if you don't need something immediate, would be worth waiting a couple of weeks to see if there are anymore release delays. If there are, I would buy now. Good mobo would be a Gigabyte P35 DS3L or ASUS P5K E with or without WIFE depending on the feature you want.
  2. Thanks g-paw
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