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I have a hp dc5800 and i recently got connected to xbox live using the ethernet cable by bridging the local area connection and the wireless connection together. Everything was working beautifully, then one day the desktop had a message on the Local Area Connection indicating Limited or No Connectivity, and is unable to connect to the internet.

In the Local Area Connection Properties, it says:
Limited or No Connectivity
You might not be able to access the Internet or some network resources. This problem occurred because the network did not assign a network address to the computer.

When I click Details in the Local Area Connection properties, it says:

Physical Address: 00-23-7D-1B-D0-DB
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server:
WINS Server:

The Ip address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server and WINS server are all empty.

When I click Repair, it says:
Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed : Renewing your IP address

Can anyone help i need my local area connection back up running with my IP address and everything back.
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  1. Hi barron

    Click the wireless network connection icon in your taskbar. Click view wireless networks and on the left panel click change the order of preferred network. Ckeck " Use windows to configure my wireless network settings". Hit Ok.

    Click again the wireless network connection icon in your taskbar , double click the wireless item in the right panel to let windows configure and connect you to the internet.

    Good Luck
  2. Sorry georgejabr this didnt seem to work my wireless connection is grand and running well its my local area connection (xbox) which I have a problem with. I need the IP address sorted out.
  3. How are things conencted? Do you have a router or are you sharing the internet connection off the computer to the X-box? If you have a router, power-cycle it. If it's connected to the PC, you need to make sure the network sharing is setup properly. Check to make sure the cables did not get disconnected or bent too much. You don't want to see any huge twists or 90% bends in the cable.
  4. I have a wireless usb stick connected to my wireless internet. It is grand and working well but my local area connection (xbox) is connected by ethernet cable to the pc and is now connected but when I click onto the local area connection, it says connected and the speed is 100 mbps. But underneath that it shows the activity sent and recieved and there is packets underneath sent and none underneath received. I need the packets going for recieved.
  5. You have to go to the network sharing setup of your PC and check to make sure it's configured. From what you describe you have the desktop PC connected to your router, and are connecting the XBOX to the PC and sharing it's connection.
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