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Hello. I've been away for a little while and I have been waiting for the Penryns to be released. i think I read that Intel is delaying them. Anyway does anyone know any good reading material or good websites so I can keep up with the new technology such as PCI 2.0, ddr3, new video cards ect. Basically anything about components..whats new, what's hot ect. I do check out tomshardware but i was curious if there are other sites. I was looking to start upgrading in the spring or summer. I also noticed that the ddr2 rams are cheep as heck and was curious why. Any links would be appreciated. Thanx
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  1. extremetech and anandtech are both good sites but there are others. Google reviews of a particular CPU, mobo, or vdieo card and you'll find them. Doesn't take long to find out how good a site is
  2. ok thanx, I was googling but wasnt getting detailed reports, i just thought there were others. I was thinking of going to a site that has the new stuff. For example, I want to see whats new and I can find out what is new. I know about Penryn and I can google that but new stuff that Im not aware of I wanted to find out and get a glimpse.
  3. Right now the newest stuff that's actually available for testing are some Penryn, Phenom, I believe the X48 mobo as well as the X38, and there are articles on upcoming video cards. Generally good reviews will compare the newer stuff to the older, e.g., P35 5 to X38. One of the things I've noticed in these reviews is that the newest usually do not significantly out perform the previous but show more potential and usually cost a lot more. At least for me this means if you want to buy now something like the P35 makes more sense, if you want to wait, likely a year or so, then new boards, which are not yet available would be the way to go
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