1st time builder - motherboard suggestion needed

First time builder here and need some suggestions on an Intel LGA775 motherboard. I am looking for a good, durable, expandable motherboard. I'm looking for expandable to quad core, DDR2-800 minimum memory, PCI express and extra PCI slots, and integrated video.

Does anyone have any suggestions that would cover the above? Looking to spend less than $150.

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  1. Hi plasticman. I did a lot of research and decided on the Gigabyte P35-DS4. Gigabyte has a line of MBs that have what is called Ultra Durable 2 design. Here's a blurb about it:

    "The GA-P35-DS3R is GIGABYTE high performance platform based on the killer combination of the new Intel P35 chipset plus support for the latest multi-core processors up to FSB 1333MHz, including the upcoming 45nm platform. The GA-P35-DS3R is also part of the GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 2 Series of motherboards, featuring top quality electronic components which provide optimized power savings, ultra cooling and extended system durability."

    Here's a web page that explains more here. Here's a link to the Gigabyte boards that support UD2.

    Most of these boards will support the list of things you mentioned.
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