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brand new gaming system trying to install vista prem 64bit on my wd640gb hd, ''gigabyte ep45-ud3p mobo'' vista cant find drivers for hd, tried disk that came with mobo same problem, ''NO DEVICE DRIVERS WERE FOUND'' is what it keeps telling me, hdd was oem from newegg no disks came with it, does anyone have any suggestions? im sure i probably did something wrong ''first build'' please help!!!! right now what i have is a $1300.00 paper weight!!!!!!!!!
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  1. if only using 1 harddisk make sure the hdd controller is not set to run as raid then it will ask for driver, running without raid it should use standard drivers and work just fine

    some mobos have 2 different kinds of sata plugs (usually different colors) where some is the southbridge hdd controller and some are an extra hdd controller (usually raid controller) dunno that specific mobo but that should give you a start
  2. Yep. Make sure the drive is being detected and showing up in the BIOS before trying to install Vista. Your WD drive needs no drivers to work with Vista. Vista should have everything it needs, even the RAID drivers if you have that feature enabled. I would say you have it plugged into a disabled SATA port, or the drive is not set in your boot order.
  3. First of all make sure u connect the HD to the yellow(Intel) and not the purple(Gigabyte) sata connectors at your mobo. Enter BIOS and at Integrated Peripherals menu the first option (SATA RAID/ACHI Mode) make it disable to install Vista64 without any drivers, or enable ACHI mode to install Vista64 with preinstalled drivers for Intel® ICH10R from a Floppy or USB drive.
    Have the same board with u and Vista64 ultimate and had no installation problems.
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