FiOS + WRT54GS + WET54G = &^@#$%@!!!! (Help)

OK, here it is.

I just got FiOS, great, right?

Here's the problem, for some reason my bridge won't connect anymore.

The first router is set to convert from coax...

It NEEDS to be set as so the TV boxes can access it.

So I set my existing wireless to the wireless connections seem to work outside the bridge, but the bridge just does not want to play.

It keeps asking for an IP, I can see it asking. The ethernet light and wireless will flitter a bit, then just the wireless will blink 4 or 5 times, then back to flitter.

I reset the bridge. Its default IP is I can access this when I reset it and connect it directly to the first router, but resetting it, or connecting it to anything else and nothing will recognise its default IP. I can't get in.

What the hell am I doing wrong?

Do I need to set the IP to a I try and I can't access it anywhere. I have to reset it and start over.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

More info:

The modem/router is hooked through a 10/100 LAN port to the 54GS's WAN port. I tried hooking it up to its LAN but I got no signal.

The machine that is hardwired to it has no problem seeing the network and getting in.

My wife's laptop can get in, and the two slimserver media streamers can also connect.

I think it may have to do with the WPA key. Every time I enter it (when I can get in) the "@" symbol in the key changes to a "%40".

This was not a problem before, although I DID have a problem with it accepting "#" symbols in the last PW.

Could this be the hangup? If I change it to a long alphanumeric will this go away?
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  1. Here's what I found:

    -FiOS Router/Modem =
    -Connect via LAN port (not WAN on either) to Linksys.
    -Set WRT54G(S) with no DHCP, and as a router (not a gateway). IP =
    -Connect directly to server. Assign Server IP
    -Set WPA wireless network. Here's the catch. The frigging "bridge" WET54G would not accept an "@" character in its passkey input. It accepted it for 3 years, but somehow it would not now.
    -Set key to all ABC123
    -Reset Main machine (living room) to IP = (Changed from 101, conflict with set-top box).

    Everything now connects. I may just get another WRT and flash it with DD so I can just chuck the useless little one.....

    Thanks for all the "help".

    /me leaves room full of crickets.
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