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I have a big problem because I accidentially formatted my hard drive (unrecoverable) and this way lost many photos and videos. I took them with my digital camera using an SD-card. I think the files are now overwritten at least one time on the SD card.

Is there any chance to get such overwritten data from an SD card? I know that such recovery is possible with hard drives (up to the last seven overwrites) by opening and reading them with a very expensive device.

So does such a device (special card reader or whatever) exist or are there companies which can do such a recovery?

thanks for advance...

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  1. If you want to recover information, stop writing to the card and don't format the card.

    There are free programs on the internet to recover deleted data or undeleted data on SD cards.

    I paid for a program but there are free programs available on the internet.

    The one thing you may need to buy is a card reader because recovery software often doesn't work with all the cameras out there.

    There may be ways to recover files from a formatted hard drive but I don't want to make any false promises. Someone in tech may be able to better answer you.
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