Cooling problems??? or POWER SUPPLY?! which one!!?!?

Well this hasnt happened for a few months now but i built a new computer and ran fine for a long time and now for some reason after long periods of time running all of the sudden i get no signal on my monitor..the computer is still on but i still have no signal its weird and the only way to fix the problem is to restart the computer. any ideas?!
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  1. well i have new developements i just checked out the vga cables running from my graphics card to the monitor which happens to be a Polaroid HDTV not really considered a monitor and there was 1 pin missing on the vga connector on both sides! that i am guessing is the problem since my other monitor never gave me this trouble...weird.
  2. no, that pin is supposed to be missing.

    i would attribute the problem to overheating. what's your setup? what's your ambient temp?

    need lots more information to say clearly.
  3. i dunno it never did it before it only started doing it with this monitor so i jus unplugged the monitor and put the old one back on so i can figure it out
  4. I don't know what the hotkeys are but try spamming the hotkey to turn the screen (invert, 90 degrees, normally, dunno) to resend the signal back. Happens on my Acer when I turn off the monitor, I usually have to press the keys to invert the screen in order to get the signal back. That usually works, though I don't know how you can prevent this from not happening, the Power Settings in the Control Panel?
  5. currently the GPU is at 52 degrees celsius CPU is at 40 and overall system is at 33
  6. yes, but please post your specs, and detailed psu ones, at that.
  7. im not really having the problem anymore i put a slot fan in it and it has been staying cool ill keep you posted on whether it dies on me or not, but for right now when i go to bed im gonna run maybe a 6 to 8 hour stress test on the machine and make an eventlog of all the temperatures and ill post it on here in the morning!

    nvidia 680 lt sli mobo
    2 gb corsair ram
    8800 gts oc BFG
    250gb sata drive
    runnin windows XP
  8. my power supply is kinda offbrand i believe, i had a bfg but it didnt work in the system it was kinda odd i dunno what the psu is atm i have to find the box which could require some digging....
  9. agree need spec's. computer is far to broad and generic a term these day's.
  10. yeah the power supply is made by Delux its a dual core psu 650watt.
  11. well i guess it cant be the graphics card i put it under a 6 hour test and had it record the temperature every 4 seconds and the most it got up to was 65 degrees celcius so....i guess it cant be the GPU
  12. im jus thinking that monitor is a piece of **** because it was handed down from my grandmother to my mom and then to me...i never asked her what was wrong with it, but that's probably why it got passed down.
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