MBR Incorrect

Any help greatly appreciated.
In Windows Vista on startup I get a message--MBR Incorrect.
How to fix this.

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  1. Ohhhk, so MBR is a hard drive format.. it comes standard with every windows unit.. Have you tried to plug this Hdd into a Mac unit?

    If not we can go through a wipe process which will reset the Hdd into a MBR format, but your data will be lost..

    Can you use this Hdd as an external unit to back your data up?
  2. My Laptop has Windows Vista Home premium. I don't have an Installation
    Disk for the operating System. On Startup my Laptop gives a message
    " MBR Incorrect". How to fix this without losing any data as i don't have
    any Instaltion or repair Disk for Windows Vista home premium 32 bit.
  3. Ohhhk, soo..

    To not loose your data you need to connect the Hdd that's in that faulty unit into a working computer.. not a super hard task...

    This may help:


    Once you have retrieved the data use this guide to reformat the Hdd into a MBR format:


    Note: I cant view these youtube items, so I cant tell if there spot on to what you need to do.. but Im sure you will have a good idea..

    Let us know how you went.
  4. But the Error message is regarding my Laptop itself and not any external Hard
    drive. I have everything on my Laptop. And my Windows Vista Operating System is on the Laptop and i have all my projects and Data on my Laptop.

    So How to fix ---- Incorrect MBR without any loss of data. I am worried that I may lose my data.
    Are there any Commands that I can execute at Coomand Prompt to fix

  5. Yes.. lol you can... I know the command by heart... but once you "clean the disk" and reformat you WILL loose your data that's why its important to BACK YOUR DATA UP FIRST (if possible)... of another Pc.. and then repair/fix the Hdd.. and then retrieve data/load os back on..

    The error is not Laptop related... MBR is a hard drive format... that is required for booting or reading externally as a device... there is a good chance you have already lost your data..

    Is this HDD an external device or a internal Hdd (Thats inside the Laptop)

    Unfortunately there is no magical commands that will format the Hard Drive without wiping all the data on it..
  6. HDD is an Internal HDD that is inside the Laptop. I have my main Operating System (Windows Vista)
    on it and I have a lot of data and my projects in the C Drive which is having my operating System

    O.k. I 'll try to back up all the data. Then how to fix Incorrect MBR?
    Are there any commands that can be executed at the command Prompt just to fix this
    without any problem. I need to fix this asap please.

    Thanks so much.
  7. The MBR tells the computer which partition to boot from. A partition is a distinct area of the disk that is assigned as drive "C". If the computer has a drive D, and perhaps drives E and F, then the hard drive is divided up into partitions. If it only has one partition, then the CD-ROM drive is assigned the drive letter D.

    Looking into it further.. it would be a bit easier and safer to use a repair disc that you could get online...

  8. However if you are stuck on using Cmd to attampt to resolve this... this is how you do it :)

    brFix /drive <num> driveinfo Display drive information
    MbrFix /drive <num> drivesize Returns drive size in MB as return value
    MbrFix /drive <num> listpartitions Display partition information
    MbrFix /drive <num> savembr <file> Save MBR and partitions to file
    MbrFix /drive <num> restorembr <file> Restore MBR and partitions from file
    MbrFix /drive <num> fixmbr {/vista|/win7} Update MBR code to W2K/XP/2003, Vista or Win7
    MbrFix /drive <num> clean Delete all partitions on the selected disk
    MbrFix /drive <num> readsignature {/byte} Read disk signature from MBR
    MbrFix /drive <num> writesignature <hex> Write disk signature to MBR
    MbrFix /drive <num> generatesignature Generate disk signature in MBR
    MbrFix /drive <num> readstate Read state from byte 0x1b2 in MBR
    MbrFix /drive <num> writestate <state> Write state to byte 0x1b2 in MBR
    MbrFix /drive <num> readdrive <startsector> <sectorcount> <file>
  9. List the Disk's...
    Select the Broken MBR disc...
    Clean the Disc...
    Format to MBR..

    Pretty simple... however your data will be lost.. as I have said countless times... if you do it this way..
  10. Iam getting scared to use the commands at command prompt as it will Wipe the whole disk.

    Is there any other alternative to this. I mean any freeware or any other software which can fix
    incorrect MBR.

    I can go into windows. Only thing is some of the programs
    are not working. At startup it is showing MBR Incorrect and thereafter it is entering Windows.
    I can work on some of the programs after entering Windows. Only concern is not all programs
    are not working.

    Thanks again
  11. Ohh.. if you can go into windows this that's amazing... Try a windows update... and all optional updates... and a windows reiar (Find and fix options)... windows should have picked up that there is hdd issues, and a update could fix this issue, with the bonus of not loosing your data...
  12. I'll work on Windows Updates right away. I did not undertstand--Windows reiar (Find and Fix Options). How do I execute that? Where can I find that Please.

    Many thanks
  13. Type in "Find and fix problems with devices" in you Start search menu

    Haven't used it before.. but it could help..
  14. I'll try to search.....
    Thanks again
  15. Didn't all the updates not work.?

    Well now that u can use your operating system back up the data to an external device, and then get your serial numbers, and reformat the hdd.... = WIN.
  16. There is no need to reformat or any of these options. This is a simple task that can be completed simply by repairing your MBR. Follow this link for easy instructions on how to complete this. There is also a link for a Vista repair disk download.
  17. MBR is a sticky thing to play with.. I haven't heard good things about these tools.

    I wouldn't risk it.. but thats just me.
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