Connection issues, please help

So here’s my problem.

Saturday night, WoW (World of Warcraft) crashed and from that moment I wasn’t able to connect to the game anymore, it kept saying ‘’Unable to connect’’;;. However, I was able to play on my other computer just fine. I reinstalled the game twice since then but it didn’t change anything. However, I am now stuck on the realm (server) list page. I have tried everything, powercycled my modem and router, deleted , cache and Interface folders, opened my firewalls ports.

At first, I thought I might have a third-party program on my computer not letting me log on, but I plugged this computer to my router and it worked perfectly fine (does plugging it directly to the router mean that it’s not blocking any ports?). At some point, I thought it might have to do with my wireless card (I was getting some frequent disconnects and still getting some so I thought it could be the problem) but it doesn’t seem like it, I’ve successfully logged on some other games such as Crysis (multiplayer mode) and I also updated the drivers.

What could be the problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Laptop: HP DV5T, Intel WiFi 5100 AGN
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  1. if you run an ethernet cable between the problem machine and the router (which sounds fine) does it improve?
  2. Yes it works perfecly
  3. i can see from googling your wifi card that theres some issues with the drivers / problems with weird irq settings / issues with wpa,

    have you tried using the drivers windows uses on the initial install? you could try reverting the driver in device manager, is there a driver disk that the machine came with with the original version?

    its interesting that other games work perfectly but wow doesnt want to,
    i was thinking about going into safe mode and uninstalling the card in there, plus any other ghosts that might appear, the fact that other games work suggests its a problem with the game itself but you've already covered that by deleting the files, cached settings etc,
  4. I'll revert the drivers and see what happens. computer didn't come with any disks, i'll try running safe mode and uninstalling the card.

    Yeah I also thought it was a problem with the game, but I'm actually able to play from this computer when I plug it to the router.
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