which is the best power supply for my new build

ill be putting in a e6550, p35 ds3l, antec 900 case, 4 harddrives, and 2 optical drives

i cant decide between the

game x stream 600 w

corsair 520hx watt

enermax liberty 500 watt

their all tier 2 power supplies, but which one is the best, and do you think i need a modular designed one for my bottom mounting antec 900 case

thankyou for your help
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  1. Corsair HX520 is your best bet, it 40 amps combined on the +12v rails and is modular, which is very convenient for keeping cable mess down in your case.
  2. do you think ill need more then 520 watts with all that stuff hooked up?
  3. For an Antec 900 a modular power supply is almost necessary. It is fairly cramped and you will have no where to put the extra wires.
  4. Well, what type graphics card do you have? Those suck tons of power. You should be fine with the corsair as long as you don't have a GTX or something like that for GFX
  5. The Corsair 520 would be fine even with an 8800 GTX.
  6. ^Agreed. Its one of the best PSUs (Corsair 520HX)
  7. ill be using either a 8800gt or 8800gts g92 if the price is right
  8. The 520HX is great and all you'll need
  9. Silverion77 said:
    The 520HX is great and all you'll need

    Yes this is true, with the system in my sig I am only using 350 watts via system calculator.>>>>> http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp
  10. hmm well according to that thing i need 535 watts, you think a 520 will handle that? and maybe a future upgrade of a quad core will come once the price is right
  11. do powersupply prices ever really drop when new models or higher wattage ones come out, i mean the 620 hx is only 120, u think its worth it?
  12. Did you do it right. When I did your setup I got 345
  13. i got lots of add-on cards and controllers
  14. n fans and other powerconsuming crap
  15. illl try it again
  16. The power supply calculator in general goes over what you need. You should be fine with a 520W PSU, but if you think you might upgrade to something more power consuming in the future the HX620 would make sense.
  17. I'd get the Silencer 610W from newegg. It's $127 including shipping and better than those 3.
  18. The PCP&C Silencer is manufactured by SeaSonic, same as the Corsair HX series power supplies are. The Silencers are not modular, which can be a pain trying to hide cables.
  19. Very true. But the pain will pass once you're done hiding the cables, and you get more juice for lots of "powerconsuming crap". :)

    Edit: the 620HX gets great reviews too, but it's kind of expensive.
  20. The Silencer actually has LESS power on the +12v, only by one amp, so you really aren't getting more power. Considering the internals are SeaSonic based in both, the Silencer doesn't really offer more other then being a few dollars cheaper(once you take the Corsair's rebate into account).
  21. Always get more power than you require, because its better to have more power than you need than not to have enough power at all.
  22. well, ill be upgrading to a quad once the prices drop a lil so my consumption will go up and the hx620 is only 119 after rebate, not to bad if you ask me, plus its modular
  23. modular is great. It really helps in the Antec 900 with its limited space. I have 5 cables (CPU, 24 pin, PCI-E, SATA, molex) and theyre all hidden behind the case.

    I could not imagine if you had all the cables coming out of it.

    The HX's are great, and dead silent. If you can push the 620, why not. I got the 520 because it was $75 with rebate and too good to pass up.
  24. lol clubit has them for much less
  25. monste4321 said:
    lol clubit has them for much less

    Add Clubit's $9 shipping charge and they are almost the same price, the 620 at Buy.com actually end's up $1 cheaper.
  26. ill be ordering more then 1, building 2 identical comps, then you get cheaper shipping plus ill be ordering other stuff along with that
  27. they guarentee go stepping so im getting processors from them to
  28. does a 45 nm quad core use more or less wattage then a 65nm dual core? anyone know exactly how much the new ones use?
  29. monste4321 said:
    ill be ordering more then 1, building 2 identical comps, then you get cheaper shipping plus ill be ordering other stuff along with that

    Then you'll save some money, but it won't be "much less".
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