Pen Drive 16GB not working on my laptop but working on other PCs...

I got a new Kingston Datatraveler 16GB pendrive. It is working perfectly on both my desktops at home. However on my laptop its failing to write data. It can read and copy data from the pendrive perfectly, however, when I try to write data on it, it writes a certain amount on a very slow speed (500-900kb/s the normal would be 10mb/s) and then completely stops, giving a file not found error (options are Try Again, Skip, Cancel).

Sometimes it manages to transfer at a high speed and suddenly stops at 90% and stops transferring at all. After a while the pendrive completely disappears from the system and I have to replug it to appear again. The file is now on the pendrive but its corrupted as it only transferred 90%...

Does anyone know what's going on? Why is my pendrive acting so weirdly? It works perfectly on other computers except on my laptop it fails to write?
Please help
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  1. I would try other flash media and watch how it behaves. You can narrow this down by using the process of elimination.

    I would check your driver program. Maybe it is time to update the driver or see if it properly installed. Did you update to the right driver?
  2. Yes I tried other flash media and they seem to work fine. I tried one 1GB and one 2GB Sticks and they works flawlessly. About the drivers, how can I get the USB port drivers for the TX2510us? I tried a clean install of vista and the problem still persists :/ please help
  3. I don't know because I don't own Vista. Have you tried customer support?
  4. I think you're virus/malware infected.
    Try making a full scan of your system using antivirus and antispyware.

    Local Security Guard
    Internet Security
  5. I do have same issue with my SanDisk 16GB PenDrive. can any one post the solution for this issue.
  6. my pen drive not work properly & not formatted and show a message is to "your pendrive unable to formate "
    please give me a suggetion
    my email id :-
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