Albatron PM915-478 loading problems

I have a Albatron PM915-478 Motherboard and cannot load Windows XP Home Edition with SP.2 or from a second CD with SP.3. The board gives the blue screen of death everytime at the same point mid way through loading the system devices.
This is the second board that I am having the same trouble with first was replaced. The board has only one IDE connector so the 120gig seagate hard drive is set to master and the Ide dvd is set to the slave. The only things plugged into the board is a floppy drive the hard drive and dvd drive no other cards are attached to the board as it has everything onboard. Now I have tried with 3 different hard drives, 4 different Dvd drives, 3 different memory sticks that all passed memtest86+ with no faults at all. I have also changed all internal leads with new ones, a new power supply and changed the keyboard and mouse,. all with no success. When the blue screen of death happens this is the note displayed.

IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and then at the bottom of the screen reads the following
Stop:0X0000000A (0X00000820, 0X0000001C, 0X00000001, 0X804D9819)
Beginning dump of physical memory

I need some help on this one fellas as I have tried to reload this machine at least 20 times, and I just don`t know what else I can try. Many Thanks for any assistance to help solve this problem. Regards Graham
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  1. In response to the above problem, by the power of elimation and many more hours searching I discovered the problem.
    and one to keep in mind for any future similar problems. It was the CPU. The Cpu was not dead only sighlty damaged
    somehow possibily a power surge or so that may have happened at the owners home recently. The CPU would not load WINXP or Vista but would load Win98 Second edition and the computer would run for hours without any faults with Win98 SE loaded. After exchanging the CPU the system loaded Win XP without any Blue screens or any of the above messages.
    So the motto is not all CPU`s Die some live on and can cause us serious problems long before they go to God.
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