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I Just got ATItools to test out my 8800gt, and when i click scan for artifacts it tells me "the video card you selected for over clocking in ATItool does not seem to be used by windows. Visual testing has been disabled. To fix this, go to Display Properties, Settings and enable the moniter output of the card." Problem is, i can't find this in my settings anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is my first build, and I can't wait to see what it can really do :na:

AMD X2 5600 Brisbane 2.9ghz, 500watt ocz psu, 2gb 667mhz samsung dd2, MSI 8800gt, Vista 32bit.
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  1. Well, i'm glad you're using ATItool instead of rivatuner, which everyone seems to be raving about....but which offers no real time stability testing!! for OC'ing graphics cards, atitool FTW dude :D. Only reason i can think of at the moment as to why that isnt working is if you have multiple monitors!! From what you've said, you're confused as to where "display Properties: is? All you gotta do is right click on your desktop, then select "Properties" from the bottom of that right click menu, then go to the last Tab "Settings" where it will say your monitor and your graphics card.

    Also, did you get any aftermarket coolers? IMO the 8800GT is the BEST price/performance card you could get right now, but some factory overclocked chips with poor HSF's on them (thats heat sink & fan for newbies :P) will not overclock as well as others.... i'll look up that MSI for ya and see what it can do....

    in fact, i have an old AGP 7600GS that i overclocked 50% on its stock cooler!! hovers around 45 idle and 60 max under load.

    Also post the current idle and load temps for your 88GT and any case fans thanks.

    ill edit quickly.

    K, have a read of this review unless you already have before you bought the chip (i bloody well hope you did read some review or another...)
    I reckon this could easily be pushed to 2000MHz effective RAM with stock cooling if you have enough case those temps but. as for the core, IMO i think it would be pushing it to get to 700MHz, but if you get an aftermarket cooler like a zalman VF1000 or something it'm sure it could be done. UH OH i just realised its a single slot cooler.... maybe getting to 2000MHz RAM would be pushing it after all....some other manufacturers of 8800GT's have managed this easily with dual slot maybe an aftermarket cooler would be worth it? hmmmmm...
  2. Thanks for all the info! Ok, I only have 1 moniter, and when i right click my desktop i dont have a properties option, i have a personalize option though. Under personalize i have a display settings option, and under that i have alot of options for both my video card and my moniter but none of them say anything about "enabling the moniters output". The dispay settings says MSI multimedia, I think I have it because of the disk that came with my card.Should i get rid of it? I have alot of overclocking options in there already, but I really like the testing i can do with ATITools. I haven't gotten an aftermarket cooler yet. I did find one that came with heatsinks for the ram on newegg that got really good reviews, and yeah two 8800gt's look like a great price/performance bargain. Wow you really got your monies worth out of that card! The idle temp on the card was 52...i was going to find the load temp when I scaned for artifacts. Thanks again for all your help.
  3. ok. i believe 52 for an 8800GT is spectacular!! considering some ATI's have like 80 degrees idle.... i think for most 8800GT brands the idle is about 60? not too sure... So you have Vista i'm assuming? i run XP, which has the right click>Properties menu... not too sure as i'm staying away from vista lol. Maybe ask lupiron? he's a genius lol
  4. umm also post monitor model/size and connections....
  5. I rather use Rivatuner. This way you can OC the Shader clock separately from the Core clock. ATI tools is only useful for scanning artifacts.
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